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This conference is jointly organised by ATMIA and RBR.

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Day One


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Welcome and Opening Remarks


The role of ATMs in a multi-channel environment

This presentation will discuss Mashreq Bank’s experience developing its ATM fleet, as part of a multi-channel approach, including mobile banking, online banking and call centres. It will look at how the bank is going to convert its ATM fleet into a P&L model with the implementation of an “ATM Access Fee” and other initiatives to reduce fraud losses to zero.

Abid Musharaf, ATM Channel Manager, Mashreq Bank (UAE)


ATMs and the global funds transfer opportunity

In the gradual transition to a digital payments economy, ATMs can be used to offer fast and reliable global funds transfer transactions to registered beneficiaries or cards. Until physical cash completely disappears, clients across income segments will continue to visit ATMs. Their speed, reliability, simplicity, convenience and value will remain key to the success of unlocking new revenue streams from this channel.

Karan Kapur, Assistant General Manager, Retail Banking Group, Burgan Bank (Kuwait)


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Improving ATM replenishment operations while reducing operating costs

This session will guide you through the journey of improving CIT operations while at the same time reducing operating costs. It will discuss how 130,000 monthly phone calls were reduced down to zero, while achieving real-time transparency and improving follow-up capability of ATM replenishment teams.

Alexander de Oliveira, Chief Information Officer, Transguard Group (UAE)


Security attack mitigation strategies

In today’s world ATMs around the globe are increasingly attacked by criminals using more sophisticated technologies to compromise card holder data or to jackpot the ATM by bypassing existing security measures. The battle between the industry and the criminals continues and new comprehensive security features are needed to deter these more sophisticated attacks. This session will share observations of emerging trends and strategies in ATM security.

Martin Koffijberg, Director, EMEA Security Solutions Marketing, Diebold (Netherlands)


Beyond Cash: ATM Innovation

Boubyan is the fastest growing bank in Kuwait, and has expanded the size of its ATM fleet from 40 in 2012, to over 100 today. This presentation showcases the bank’s approach to developing ATM strategies, and illustrates some of the unique and creative services offered on self-service terminals, many of which do not exist elsewhere in the region.

Hassan Abouzeid, Head of Direct Banking, Boubyan Bank (Kuwait)


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Who is accountable for great customer service?

Convenient and secure access, an extensive range of personalized services integrated with other channels and 24‑7‑365 availability. This is what customers want, but where does responsibility lie for delivery? This interactive session will explore who needs to step up and be accountable.

Peter Churchill, Vice President, Business Development, Network International (UAE)



Affordable omnichannel excellence
Omnichannel banking is now a well-established principle for increasing consumer satisfaction and driving greater profitability. The ATM channel has an important role to play but is only one part of a larger picture. Most organisations agree with these defining principles but feel trapped by vendor-centric legacy infrastructures that restrict their freedom to change.

David Smith, International Business and Partnership Developer, Auriga (UK)


ATM Marketing: The Challenges, Trends and the Future

How is ATM advertising evolving and what is on the horizon?  What should you consider when implementing an advertising solution?  This presentation will explore these key issues and forecast the future ATM advertising landscape.

Richard Pitt, ATM Product Director, First Data (UK), Jack Vincent, Head of Business Development, i‑design (UK)


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New self-service devices


Unmanned branch concept studies: XTM

Kuveyt Türk has developed an innovative alternative delivery channel called ‘XTM’, providing services usually found in a regular branch. Each ‘XTM’ has self-service facilities, with a call centre employee available to assist the customer by video link, and aims to optimise operations and cost via this unmanned branch concept. This session will explore the experiences of the bank in developing and piloting this channel.

Mucahit Gundebahar, CIO, Kuveyt Türk (Turkey) 


RTMs transform banking channels

As banks strive to improve the experience for customers and cut branch costs, this presentation will discuss how to deliver banking services at one tenth of the cost of an ATM, while at the same time providing an integrated banking system including a full set of ATM transactions, access to a bank’s website, and a range of additional transactions including bill payments. This presentation will introduce the RTM and its use both in branch and off-site.

Aravinda Korala, CEO, KAL (UK)


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Day Two


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Financial Inclusion


The future of ATMs in an increasingly cashless society

This presentation will discuss how ATMs will evolve as a distribution channel, with a particular focus on functionality, the convergence of ATMs and internet banking, customer service and options for generating additional value for deployers through advertising and marketing. The session will address the role of ATMs in an increasingly cashless society and why ATMs are vital for financial inclusion.

AbdelRaouf Hussein, General Manager, Retail Banking Operations, Banque Misr (Egypt)


Promoting financial inclusion and driving interbank payments via ATMs: Lessons from Nigeria

To further drive cashless payments and reduce banks operational costs, ATMs have been identified as the preferred payment channel used by consumers and enable banks to offer products across multiple platforms. This presentation will explore the Nigerian experience in using this channel to facilitate instant fund transfers and improve consumer experience.

Seun Owoeye, Head of Instant Payments and Switching Services, Nigeria Interbank Settlement Systems (Nigeria)


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Cash Management Solutions


Cash forecasting: The future’s not what it used to be

This presentation will explore global trends in how banks are innovating to ensure customers’ need for cash continues to be met while the evolving branch, ATM and digital channels revolutionise the consumer experience.

Bo Holmgreen, Vice President and General Manager, Cash Solutions, NCR (USA)


Cash management as marketing leverage for service providers

This session will discuss how improvements in the efficiency of cash management processes can be made, with potential savings of up to 45% on current costs. It will look at how savings can be made in terms of CIT, HR and idle money costs, while ensuring maximum channel functionality.

Claudio Lo Piccolo, Head of Project Management and Software Development, Sikelia (Italy)


Introducing cash management, SST and switch monitoring to drive cost efficiencies

Iran has the largest ATM base in the Middle East but lacks the latest technology for managing cash and monitoring ATM terminals. Bank Pasargad was the first to introduce 'Comprehensive ATM and Switch Management' (CASM) through its ICT subsidiary. This session will talk about the experience of pursuing this strategy.

Usman Qureshi, Head of International Business Development, Fanap (ICT Pasargad) (Iran) 

What is the real cost of cash?

Having a clear view of any stage of the cash flow process for ATMs, vaults and bank branches at any point in time is essential. This presentation will discuss how this can help plan cash logistics, diminish frozen funds, save on cash turnover costs and maintain the optimal amount of cash in the whole network.

Artur Kurginian, Manager, IT Solution Sales, BS/2 (Lithuania)


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ATM Security


ATM Security Controls and PCI DSS

Banks run ATM networks to serve their customers, but the risks associated with ATMs have increased, and therefore the controls required around them also need continuous reinforcement. PCI DSS has become widely accepted in the industry and this presentation will discuss how it can minimise attacks on ATMs and their associated data.

Asif Riaz, Secretary, ISACA Karachi Chapter (Pakistan), Senior Manager, Risk Associates (Pakistan)


Cyber crime: Detect, protect & prevent

The electrification of payments systems has reduced the usage of currency around the world, but has invited new problems concerning fraud. Fraudsters have become more advanced and can find innovative ways to commit their crimes. This presentation will discuss the various security issues faced by the ATM industry and the success stories of mitigation.

Bharat Panchal, Head of Risk Management, National Payments Corporation of India (India)


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  Industry Perspectives

21st century solutions with 20th century life cycles

The payments environment of the 21st century is fundamentally different to that of the 20th century on the three dimensions of scale, speed and risk.  Payments systems must change more rapidly but have grown too complex for any organisation to risk deployments based on historic, manual application life cycles.  This presentation will discuss why any 21st Century testing strategy must rely on the automation of test execution and verification.

Jim Tomaney, Managing Director, Q-ATM Limited (UK)

ATM benchmarking to improve performance

The presentation covers the key findings from the second round of the ATMIA ATM Benchmarking Study. In addition to findings that will be illustrated on ATMIA’s behalf, the presentation will include the illustration of the schedule of the third round of ATM Benchmarking that will take place in 2015.

Francesco Burelli, Partner, Innovalue (UK)

Deposit automation and recycling in the Middle East and Africa

This session will present highlights from RBR’s extensive research into the region’s ATM markets, discussing how they are evolving in comparison to each other and other geographies. The session will have a particular focus on deposit automation and recycling, highlighting the benefits for both customers and deployers, and provide examples of how this technology is being used in the region.

Alan Burt, Senior Research Analyst, RBR (UK)


International certification for ATM operators

Learn more about the ATMIA Academy and the certified training for ATM operators, for both financial institutions and independent ATM operators. Those who complete ATMIA’s online training will earn the International Certificate for ATM Operators, a sure sign to customers that they have the required professional knowledge and training.

Amber Howell, Manager, Training, Web Content & Social Media, ATMIA (USA)
17:15 Final remarks and conference ends




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