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Welcome to the portal of the ATM Cash Council, ATMIA's global committee for protecting and promoting cash worldwide.

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Mission Statement

To portray the truth about cash by monitoring and reporting on global cash demand, circulation and usage today, whilst working to protect the freedom of the world’s citizens to use cash.

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Global Cash Digest by ATMIA
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Watch the Cash is Queen video. This is the third in our series about the importance of cash and takes a humorous approach to the topic:

Watch the Cash Always Works video. This video lists the top ten stories submitted to ATMIA showcasing instances when cash was essential in our day to day activities.

Watch the Cash Lives video. This is the second in our series about the importance of cash:


Watch the Cash Connects Us video about global cash use:

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Speeches & Presentations

Voice of Cash presentation, ATM Industry Assocation

- 2011
The unfolding story of cash in the world, presented by Mike Lee, CEO of ATMIA.

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There is something powerfully simple about cash which is the secret of its longevity. It works easily and quickly. All people, old and young, rich and poor, uneducated and educated, weak and strong, can use cash and enjoy the security and simplicity of its timeless exchanges of value. Cash produces instant results virtually anywhere on earth. That is an immense strength. To“coin” a phrase, cash is human-friendly. The robust qualities of cash itself have enabled it to survive an enormous span of human history.

Please use this cash icon to help promote the usage of cash throughout the industry and world.


Cash Council Members

AGIS Consulting

  Guillaume Lepecq


  Francisco Moura Junior

ATM Industry Association

  Amber Howell
  Dana Benson
  David Tente
  Eric Cross
  Michael Lee
  P.C. 'Curt' Binns
  Sandra Smith
  Sharon Lane


  Tony Mercer

Axis Communications AB

  Rick Snook

Bank of America Corporation

  John Del Giudice

Blanda Marketing

  Alicia Blanda

Capital One Bank

  David Gwynne

Cash and Card World Ltd

  Ron Delnevo

Cash Infrastructure Projects and Services GmbH

  Jens Eberhardt

Cashway Technology Co., Ltd.

  Cashway Technology
  Duan Yu
  Lv Jing Li
  Song Maodong
  Zhang Yunfeng

Cummins-Allison Corp.

  Curtis Hallowell

Currency Research USA Inc.

  Gonzalo Santamaria
  Marci Chavez, Cpa

Diebold Nixdorf

  Catrin Roeding

Electronic Payment & Services (P) Ltd

  Devina Narayan
  Harish Prabhu
  Prakash Joshi
  Pushpinder Singh
  Thyagarajan Seshadri


  Brian Jorgenson
  Elle Cathey
  Ian Gibson-Gray
  Micki Seager


  Jailson J Queiroz

International Merchant Services, Inc.

  Kathleen Mora
  Kevin McNatt

LINK Scheme Ltd

  Graham Mott

MetaBank - Meta Payment Systems

  LeRoy Huntimer

MVP Financial Equipment Corp.

  Mark Smith

Nedbank Limited

  Preni Naidoo

Netconnect Services DBA Netco ATM

  Ayman Rida

Redbanc S.A.

  Luis Valdes

ShenZhen Yihua Computer Limited

  Candy Ren
  Lei Zhang
  Tao Lu
  Wen Hai Liu
  Yi Jun Zhu
  Ying Jian Wang

Spinnaker International Ltd

  David Milner

Steffanini Financial Group

  William Blair

Technology Strategies International Inc.

  Christie Christelis

Transaction Network Services (TNS Inc)

  Patrick Htwe


  Ernst Verbeek

Triton Systems

  James Phillips

US Bank

  Steve Gernes

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