2016 EMV Readiness Report
2016 EMV Readiness Report
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2016 EMV Readiness Report

The third in a series of ATM Channel EMV Readiness Surveys, conducted by ATMIA, is now complete and a report on the results is available to all ATMIA members.  

The first survey was completed in April. 2013 and focused on how prepared ATM operators were for the Maestro liability shift.  The second survey, completed in November, 2014 sought to measure how much progress had been made in key aspects of planning and executing the industry’s migration to EMV.

With the first domestic ATM liability shift now only months away, the objective of this third survey was to again measure progress made over the past year.  And to get a better sense of how much of the industry will be prepared for that liability shift.  Although larger financial institutions have been forging ahead with EMV deployments, smaller and mid-size operators seemed to be getting increasingly cautious about accepting EMV transactions as the year progressed.

Significant progress has been made over the past 14 months with the task of upgrading U.S. ATM fleets – 90% of ATM operators  have begun purchasing upgrade components and replacement ATMs.  Complete the survey report request form below to receive a copy of the report by return email.  ATMIA members will receive the full reports – non-members will receive the Executive Summary.

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