Global ATM Benchmarking

ATM Benchmarking provides a bank or independent ATM deployer with a scorecard of its organizational performance measured against its competitors, nationally, regionally and globally.   Benchmarking metrics highlight areas requiring improvement as well as identify best practices.

The ATM Industry Association (ATMIA), working with Innovalue Management Advisors (Innovalue), is organizing the third round of its respected global ATM Benchmarking study. This exercise follows the successful two previous rounds of international benchmarking in 2011-12 and 2013-14. It will build on the strong initial uptake with over forty six top tier ATM operators, both banks and independent deployers, participating. The study builds on the experience of the previous round and is designed to focus on critical areas of the ATM value chain showing significant variance in effectiveness, revenue and cost performance.

The 2015-16 ATM Benchmarking Survey will concentrate on the following areas of the ATM business and operations value chain, building on the 2014 datasets and metrics.

ATMIA’s ATM Benchmarking Service – including data collection, quality checking of submitted data, Q&A and presentation of results – will be delivered over a six to eight month period in order to enable participation, maintain pace and momentum while enabling participants to fit in their data collection activities around their planned activities and business-as-usual management.

The benefits of ATMIA’s Global Benchmarking Survey for ATM Operators are:

  • compare key operational areas of ATM business against national, regional and global benchmarks and other relevant
  • peer groups identify relative weak areas in my operations and establish |possible costs savings to be achieved

Participation in the Benchmarking Study will open to ATMIA members globally at a discounted rate and to non members for the full participation fee. All information collected is subject to strict confidentiality and the results of the ATMIA’s ATM Benchmarking Study will be made available individually, in confidential feedback sessions, to participants.

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