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ABN Amro's Moneyou connects with solarisBank for instant digital loans

Thursday, December 07, 2017


Banking-as-a-service platform solarisBank has signed its first integration deal with a Tier 1 bank, providing instant digital loans to Moneyou, the online brand of ABN Amro.

Until now, Berlin-based solarisBank has been connecting mainly fintech startups and digital companies to its banking platform. 

Under the agreement with ABN Amro, Moneyou customers in Germany can now apply for solarisBank loans of between Eur1000 and EUR35,000. Video identification and digital-based processes eliminate paper-based form-filling and customers are promised a decision and fulfillment within seven minutes of completing the application.

Liesbeth Rigter, CEO of Moneyou positions the instant digital loan is a new building block for a smart banking concept "which is oriented towards the reality of our customers' lives: making self-determined decisions and using fast processes with easy-to-understand digital products". 

For Marko Wenthin, CCO & co-founder solarisBank, the deal provides a ringing endorsement of the company's banking-as-a-service strategy. 

"We see our first partnership with another bank as confirmation of our platform approach, which can bring digital companies, start-ups, banks and corporates all together to form one financial ecosystem," he says.

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