'Alexa, Ask JPMorgan what is the target price of Facebook'

Monday, March 26, 2018

by JP Morgan Chase

JPMorgan has introduced an Alexa skill that lets institutional clients ask Amazon's voice-activated assistant for the target price or tear sheet of a company.

To enable the skill and get started, users need to sign in with their JPMorgan Markets username and password. Then, they say "Alexa, ask JP Morgan" before asking for the target price or tear sheet of, for instance, Apple. Users can also ask for the bios and latest research reports from specific analysts.
amazon alexa
The skill, which was born out of an internal innovation competition, is expected to gain more features, such as giving prices on bonds and swaps, according to Bloomberg. One, day, JPMorgan's David Hudson predicts, clients could even execute trades through Alexa.

JPMorgan Chase and Amazon have a strong relationship, with the bank seen as a frontrunner for the role of partner in developing a checking account-style product for the ecommerce giant's millions of customers.

And JPMorgan is taking voice seriously in other areas, recently appointing VaynerMedia as its agency for voice marketing. Said the bank's chief marketing officer, Kristin Lemkau, at the time: "Voice is not only coming; it's here, and in a multitasking world, it's really significant."

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