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ATM celebrates its 50th Anniversary

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

by Birger Managed Solutions


Barclays Bank PLC, UK – June 1967                                                                                                       By Courtesy of MCB, Mauritius – July  2017


ATM (or the Automated Teller Machines) has celebrated its 50th anniversary in June 2017, since the first installation by Barclays Bank PLC at its Enfield branch in northern London in June 1967. Today, ATM is an essential distribution channel for banks which allows transactions to be made on a 24/7 basis anytime, anywhere, anyplace while minimizing the operational costs.


After the first ATM was installed and functional, the objective was to make them more effective and efficient with the contribution of several industries, namely financial services, informational technology and telecommunications. Users were quickly able to transact at ATMs between different banks and across the world, leveraging on interbank networking and the international card associations such as MasterCard and Visa. ATMs services were enhanced by facilitating cash withdrawals, deposits, money transfers, providing detailed account reviews as well as effecting bill payments. 


BIRGER. has installed the first ATM in Mauritius for the Mauritius Commercial Bank Ltd (MCB) in 1987, when the bank introduced six offline ATMs. BIRGER. has also installed the first ATM in Madagascar for the State Bank of Mauritius Ltd (SBM) in 2000 in its Antananarivo branch.


Since these first installations in the Indian Ocean Islands, BIRGER. has followed closely the evolution of ATMs by installing the first online ATM for the MCB in Mauritius in 1991 when communications protocols over a wide area network was made feasible using international cards. We have also introduced the first FOREX ATM for the MCB in Mauritius in 2009 as well as the first secured PCI ATMs to combat fraud in 2013.


BIRGER. is the distributor of NCR solutions since 1953. Today, we provide after sales support and services in the Indian Ocean Islands namely Comoros, Madagascar, Mauritius, Rodrigues and Seychelles where our experienced, qualified and certified engineers provide after sales support and services.


For more information in connection with our ATM solutions please contact Mr Rahman Nabeebacus, Head of our Self-Service Business Unit:

T: [230] 202 0296

E: rahman.n@birger.technology

W: birger.technology

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