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ATMIA publishes new study on ATM Biometric Security

Tuesday, October 11, 2016


London, UK & Sioux Falls, USA– October, 2016 –The ATM Industry Association today published a new industry guide entitled “ATM Biometric Security”.

“ATM biometrics is trending in a time when biometric identification is used almost on a daily basis in society today,” Mike Lee, CEO of ATMIA, explained. “We felt it was time to explore the security dimensions of different kinds of biometrics used these days at many ATMs.”

The study was authored by award-winning industry consultant Douglas Russell, Director of DFR Risk Management Ltd, and leading ATMIA-endorsed consultant. The comprehensive manual covers topics like different methods of biometric identification, from fingerprint to palm vein, biometric templates, biometric scanners, the concept of liveness testing, potential types of attacks on biometrics, accompanied by recommended countermeasures, things to watch in ATM biometrics and suggested reading and useful links.           

“This new guide gives a detailed big picture of ATM biometrics today, combined with foresight for anticipated trends,” Lee commented. “Our thanks go out to Douglas for another fine industry study.”


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