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Auriga introduces two new software modules for Improved Customer and Cash Management in bank branches

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

by Auriga

WWS Customer Management offers powerful tools to build branch customers’ loyalty and WWS Cash Management helps banks manage cash more optimally

Auriga, a leading European software solutions supplier for the banking and payments industry, has launched WWS Customer Management and WWS Cash Management modules to further enhance its WWS Branch suite offering for bank branch transformation strategies. The two new modules support the growing need for banks to build customer loyalty programmes through more personalised quality of service as well as improve the cash management process, which still incurs significant amounts of costs.

The WWS Customer Management module gives banks the real-time customer relationship tools to maximise how their bank branch network can play a powerful role using assisted and self-service systems to support a more personalised in-branch experience. Using this Auriga module, a branch can deploy a welcome kiosk system that allows customers to conduct various operations easily and autonomously, such as making an appointment with a specific branch associate or planning a transaction, and get confirmation of their appointment or transaction as a print-out or on their smartphone. The module also allows the kiosk to autonomously provide a customer with information and promotional material on the bank’s products and services, as well as commercial offers tailored for their profile. The bank also benefits from this system, with greater efficiency resulting from the ability to pinpoint the customers’ needs more readily and to deploy targeted, effective interactions with customers, as well as monitoring the workload of the branch staff and the self-service areas.

The WWS Cash Management module, also integrated within the WWS Branch suite is designed to manage banks’ cash more effectively and improve cash management, cash handling and security. Fully multivendor and multichannel, the module analyses at least 12 months of records to accurately run cash forecasts for every cash point (cash-out/cash-in ATM, multifunction ATM, recycling ATM, ASD/ASST, TARM, branch window with TCR). These forecasts are combined with other key factors such as the cashpoint’s physical location and its capacity, as well as the bank’s insurance policy, any legal requirements and any likely spikes in demand for cash withdrawals for example around bank holidays, Christmas or other seasonal events. By correlating these factors, the module automates how the bank determines the most efficient cash delivery and collection schedule and processes, enabling a drastic reduction in operational costs as well as out-of-service time for cashpoints and the impact of this on customers and the bank’s reputation for quality of service.

Mark Aldred, head of UK sales, Auriga said:

“We are very excited about the launch of our WWS Customer Management and WWS Cash Management modules as we strongly believe they provide banks the opportunity to transform how they manage their branches. Using Auriga’s WWS Customer Management module, a customer can now reserve an appointment with a specific branch consultant, plan transactions or receive confirmation tickets, printed or on their smartphone. As well as have access to information and commercial offers tailored to their profile, while keeping an eye on the branch window queue status.

With Auriga’s WWS Cash Management, banks can achieve a significant reduction in the cost of cash management of 10 to 25% after 18 months. This is thanks to features such as real-time monitoring and tracking of cash holdings, lower warehousing of all cashpoints, reduced cash procurement and cash-in-transit costs and overall improved operational efficiency. Overall, we expect both modules will empower banks to perform various operations much more easily and autonomously, to offer customers an improved bank experience, while cutting cost simultaneously.”

About Auriga

Auriga is a leading supplier of software and technological solutions for the banking and payments industries, and a specialist provider of innovative omnichannel solutions to banks and other financial institutions. Its solutions, deployed on over 67% of Italian ATMS and 12% in Western Europe are founded on modern architecture and improve time to market for new services while lowering costs and building long-term competitive advantage. Auriga is a global company, with a dedicated presence in Eastern and Western Europe and expanding operations in the UK.
More information is available on Auriga’s website: www.aurigaspa.com

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