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Best of the Best: Top 3 EDGE BLOG posts this Quarter!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

by Paragon Application Systems

NEWS:  Paragon Application Systems


Best of the Best: Top 3 EDGE BLOG posts this Quarter!

Paragon Application Systems launched THE EDGE BLOG to share the latest developments in ePayments testing. For regular updates on the latest blogs, subscribe to THE EDGE BLOG

Here are the top 3 blog posts for the last quarter:

  1. Banks in Need of New ATM Testing Practices
  2. Why Your Financial Institution Needs an End-to-End Payments Testing Strategy
  3. Why Old School Testing Tools Don't Measure Up To Today's ePayment Testing Needs

We welcome your comments and input. Just send us an email at info@paragonedge.com. We like to hear from you! 


Banks in Need of New ATM Testing Practices 

By Jim Tomaney:  The ATM network is a vital link between financial institutions and their customers. Around the world, the pace of change in the ATM networks is increasing, driven by growing customer expectations and increased regulations. ATM service outages are expensive and damaging to the brand of a bank. In this environment, traditional approaches to testing have been left behind by the demands of 21st century payments systems. This blog addresses the need for testing practices that expand coverage of potential scenarios in a systemized way. Read more 


Why Your Financial Institution Needs an End-to-End-Payments Testing Strategy

By Mark Medlin, CTO:  Today's consumers want to make payments seamlessly in whatever fashion they please, which increases the number of payment scenarios that financial institutions must support. Add to that ongoing updates to payments hardware and software as well as industry mandates that must be tested. Too many financial institutions’ payments testing environments get caught in an inefficient, piecemeal approach, lacking a clear underlying strategy other than trying to keep up. Read more


Why Old School Testing Tools Don't Measure Up To Today's ePayment Testing Needs 

By Mark Medlin, CTO: Most financial institutions continue to rely on payments testing procedures that have existed since prior to today's digital revolution. As a result, we’ve found that many institutions relying on old-school testing methods achieve only 20% coverage of potential scenarios. In this blog, Mark Medlin discusses how testing needs to change to keep up with 21st century payments.  Read more  


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