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CEO clarifies special nature of ATMIA conferences for 2017

Thursday, January 19, 2017


South Dakota, USA & London, United Kingdom - ATMIA today released a statement clarifying the nature of the association’s conferences in the dual anniversary year of 2017 to differentiate these industry events from competing commercial conferences. As the ATM turns 50 years this year, ATMIA celebrates its 20th anniversary of serving the global ATM industry.

“We have special events planned for the industry to come together to celebrate half a century of success and, at the same time, to understand from the world’s top experts the unfolding future and its next generation technologies,” explained Mike Lee, CEO of ATMIA. “In addition, our association is proud of 20 years’ of service to a great industry.”

“It’s vital to realise that ATMIA is a not-for-profit trade association offering the industry the very best speakers and exhibitions for the best value,” added Ron Delnevo, Executive Director of ATMIA Europe. “Our conference revenues are pumped back into our service to the industry, through advocacy, education and networking. No commercial organisation can possibly rival that value proposition. As we move into such a special year for our industry, the ATMIA is stronger than ever, enhancing our ability to support our members in every way.”

Major ATMIA events in 2017 will feature a walk down memory lane so members and delegates can relive ATM history. At the same time, the association has put together some of the best speaker programmes ever seen in the ATM and payments space so the industry can celebrate its past, plan its future and come together in a strong show of force.

“ATMIA has consistently invested proceeds from its conference revenues back into our activities aimed at a promoting and protecting the welfare of the ATM industry,” Lee concluded. “We serve the industry throughout the year, as our track record shows, and don’t just hold conferences for commercial reasons to increase profit and shareholder value as is the case with many rival events in our industry.”


ATMIA is a global non-profit trade association with over 8,000 members in 66 countries. Founded in 1997, it has members in all sectors of the ATM and cash industries. For more information contact Sharon Lane, Global Membership and Finance Director sharon.lane@atmia.com

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