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ESQ Announces Launch of OperationsBridge Mobile to Enable ATM Management Anywhere, Anytime

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

by ESQ Business Services, Inc.


ESQ, a leading provider of ATM management solutions, today announced the launch of OperationsBridge Mobile -- a powerful mobile app that enables users to get up-to-date information about their ATMs from the palm of their hands. This app uses industry-leading design practices and data integration to place useful and actionable data at the fingertip of financial institutions. By leveraging OperationsBridge Mobile, progressive companies can now move to the next generation of ATM management in a quick and painless manner.

OperationsBridge Mobile includes an ATM network view that shows the status of active and inactive ATMs. It indicates critical failures based on pre-specified thresholds. Transaction volume including daily, weekly, and monthly trends can be quickly accessed with a simple tap. The mobile app also shows approved transactions and transaction rates. Average ATM response times, cash withdrawal per currency account, and several other useful parameters can also be quickly access from an intuitive interface.

Both existing and new ESQ customers can benefit from the mobile app, taking their ATM management to a whole new level. OperationsBridge Mobile provides users with a simple navigation flow built on top of the industry’s most advanced underlying technology. The mobile app uses user-centric design to allow easy user setup for various level of access (e.g., read-only, manager, or admin). It offers executive, operation, and business views with ATM status alerts, granular reports, and other personalized content based on the user’s profile. All the ATM data points are widget-driven with powerful customization, allowing users to manage all aspects of their ATM network through one central location.

"We are excited to launch our next generation mobile application platform,” said Bob Perreault, COO of ESQ. “OperationsBridge Mobile brings the simplicity and power of OperationsBridge to the palm of your hand. The mobile app has an unprecedented level of functionality, personalization, customizability, and multi-device support."

ESQ’s OperationsBridge platform is widely acknowledged as the most powerful and comprehensive solution for ATM management in the industry. It is the only enterprise-grade solution that is multi-vendor, multi-tenant, and can be deployed on an ATM estate of any size. Using the platform, financial institutions can reduce their annual operating costs by over 30% while deploying next generation cross-channel and multi-tenant capabilities. OperationsBridge currently runs on over 250,000 ATMs at 37 financial institutions across the globe, serving 20% of the Fortune 50 financial institutions.

For more information on ESQ, please contact Neil Butani at media(at)esq(dot)com.

About ESQ

ESQ Management Solutions Inc. is a leader in enterprise-class business transaction management solutions that help banks, retailers and service providers to proactively monitor and manage their business critical ATM and other payment infrastructures. Its OperationsBridge platform is the leading next generation ATM management platform in the industry. Headquartered in California, ESQ is a global company with offices in North America, Mexico, United Kingdom, Singapore, and India. For more information, please visit http://www.esq.com.

OperationsBridge is a trademark registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

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