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Monday, August 10, 2020

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Company: ATM Industry Association

Latest white papers for the ATM Industry
Latest white papers for the ATM Industry
One of the most popular areas of the ATMIA site, the White Paper Library contains case studies, infographics, reports and, of course, white papers submitted by ATMIA members from around the globe. We invite you to review our library and take advantage of the information available on a wide array of topics ranging from ATM technology to security and software trends.
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The new International Africa IAD Study paints a big picture of opportunities for retail ATM deployment across varying emerging markets on the African continent. A must read for anyone who deployes ATMs in Africa or is interested in expanding into the region, the content covers key economic and financial services indicators like GDP, inflation, banked population, bank data, ATM, cash use and digital money use data. The report also covers social factors which could impact opportunities for future investments in ATM deployment.
Sponsored by ATM Industry Association
Between false information being reported by news media and rumors on social media that cash is unsafe to brick and mortar stores refusing cash because of the coin shortage, cash has taken a beating since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. To help the industry promote the positive uses of cash, ATMIA has published an infographic with a wealth of information – including links - on the top 4 reasons why cash is vital to society.
This study from Bank of Canada is a first step in analyzing the effects of the pandemic on the demand for cash and payment methods used in Canada. The report includes insights from the Bank Note Distribution System and a recent survey. The goal of this study and additional surveys planned for late 2020 and mid-2021 will help assess whether effects on demand for cash or the mix of payment methods used by consumers are transitory or persistent.
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This new study shows that most Americans believe ‘cash is safe’ and it is as important as ever, particularly to underbanked and unbanked consumers ‒ despite the false information reported by the media that cash may carry the COVID-19 virus. While COVID-19 has created tremendous change in nearly every aspect of consumer lives, this study shows the crisis has not removed cash from its place of critical importance in the wallets of U.S. consumers.
Sponsored by Reserve Bank of New Zealand
The message is clear: cash has an important role in New Zealand society. Although cash use is declining, some New Zealanders are still heavily reliant on cash. The report reviews the role of cash in society, cash supply, the objectives for the cash system, stewardship of the cash system and how the Reserve Bank of New Zealand plans to do oversight and monitoring, ensure the banknote quality and ensure consumers have access to cash.
UK Access to Cash Review

Sponsored by Natalie Ceeney, CBE
In the UK, cash is in decline. But Britain is not ready to go cashless, because digital payments don’t yet work for everyone. The consequences to society and individuals of not having a viable way of paying for goods are potentially severe. This study shows the way forward, specifically a guarantee that consumers can access and use cash for as long as they need it. This requires the UK to radically review the cash infrastructure – something that is now pressing, as cracks in the system are beginning to show.
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