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Finding Love at the ATM

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

by ATM Industry Association

As part of its year-long celebration commemorating the 50th anniversary of the ATM and the ATM Industry Association's 20th anniversary, ATMIA is "Rolling Out the Red Carpet for Our Members" and will be highlighting industry players throughout the year.

The ATM typically provides simple services such as cash access, account information and balance inquiries. However, keeping up with changing technology often means providing more services such as charitable giving, dynamic currency conversion and...and love connections?

ATMs might not be directly responsible for bringing love stories together, but the industry has certainly delivered. At least it has for ATM industry professionals Roger and Sherry Myers.

Roger and Sherry first met in May of 2006 at the Tidel/NCR User Conference & Golf Tournament in Dallas, TX. Roger was in his current position as President at Switch Commerce and living in Dallas. Sherry had recently moved to Dallas to work as Director of Marketing for Tidel. Their first encounter was the day of the golf tournament, Roger’s birthday. The pair had an instant connection.

“I remember because he just caught my eye,” said Sherry. “I could tell he had a kind soul. It’s what attracted me to him.”

Roger and Sherry continued to run into each other at industry conferences – always having a laugh and catching up whenever they met. But it wasn’t until the Dallas Nautilus Hyosung User Conference in 2008, when Sherry was working for PULSE, that they finally exchanged numbers and began to talk regularly outside of work events. Despite Sherry starting work in Europe, they managed to stay in touch – mostly phone conversations and the occasional conference.

“Our relationship is built on a strong friendship that flowed nicely into love,” said Roger. “I married my best friend.”

The couple’s real first date was not until August 2010. While flying home to Dallas, they were chatting on the phone. Roger, who knew his home was in the general direction of her drive from the airport, suggested Sherry stop by to play a game of ping pong. They spent the evening listening to country music, playing ping pong and pool. It didn’t take long for the pair to realize they were meant to be and the running joke became, “it’s about time.”

In December of 2010 Roger took Sherry to Niagara Falls for her birthday – to a special dinner at the Skylon Tower, a restaurant designed to provide diners with the best views due to its ongoing spin. Roger arranged it with the manager to stop the restaurant at 9 p.m. to provide a special view of the winter fireworks over the falls. The kitchen sent out a special desert with a mini grandfather clock. Roger got down on one knee as she opened the clock to see her “pendulum” ring and told her it “was about time” she became his bride. Roger recreated his proposal at their rehearsal dinner with a fireworks display on the golf course outside their Dallas home.

While Sherry no longer works in the industry, instead helping her brother run the family business, Roger can share his work with her confident her knowledge of the ins, outs and people from the ATM world.

For Roger and Sherry Myers the ATM and the industry, were real matchmakers.

Here’s hoping the ATM will continue to deliver love as well as cash far into the future!

Help ATMIA celebrate the 50th anniversary of the ATM and the 20th anniversary of the association by sharing your stories. Contact Sharon Lane, ATMIA Global Director of Member Services, at +001-605-271-7371.

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