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FNB Connect offers customers free data rollover and data transfer

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

by First National Bank

12 February 2019 - FNB has announced that its customers who use FNB Connect can now benefit from free data rollover and data transfer, in addition to the existing data depletion and out of bundle notifications.

The development is in alignment with the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) requirements on data expiry and data transfer for all mobile network providers. Len Pienaar, FNB Connect CEO says, "We are providing an option for a free roll over of data near the expiry date for use in the following month. Customers who are on FNB Connect can also transfer data to one another, which is a major benefit for households. This is part of FNB's efforts to help customers make their money go further by enabling them to monitor and control their monthly data spend."

In addition, customers will receive depletion notifications when their data usage is at 50%, 80% and 100%, allowing them to actively track and manage usage. To promote transparency, customers are requested to provide consent before being charged out of bundle data rates and have the option to buy a new bundle.

"We believe that the combination of free data rollover, data transfer, depletion notices and consent on out-of-bundle usage adds significant value to FNB customers," says Pienaar. "Data and airtime form an important part of every household's monthly budget, therefore it's critical to empower customers to be in control of usage. As FNB, we are committed to continue providing customers with value for money and being in-line with relevant legislation," concluded Pienaar.

T&C's are available on www.fnb.co.za

Further information

  • Dial *147# on USSD to manage data rollover and data transfer.
  • All bundles that are rolled over will be valid for and additional 1 month from the original date of expiry.
  • Customers will be able to roll over their unused portion of their data bundle from five days before the bundle expires.
  • Rolled over data can be transferred.
  • Data can only be transferred from one FNB Connect number to another FNB Connect number.
  • No charges apply for rolling over or transferring of data.
  • Data bundles can only be rolled over once.
  • Data that is already transferred cannot be transferred again.
  • Only two transfers can be done per bundle per month.
  • There are six predefined transfer values available.

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