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Genmega Announces New Website for Kiosk Division

Monday, July 17, 2017

by Genmega

HAYWARD, CA — Genmega, Inc., a worldwide ATM and kiosk manufacturer, has announced a new website tailored to feature their complete kiosk offerings. The site, kiosk.genmega.com, is designed to provide information about a variety of standard kiosk options as well as custom built machines.


Leveraging a lifetime in the ATM industry, Genmega has been designing and building reliable and affordable kiosk technologies since 2010. The company has produced self-service stand alone, through the wall, coin redemption and other custom kiosks for businesses such as Club Control Systems, Advanced Transaction Solutions, Inc., and Genesis Coin, Inc.


Now, with a variety of kiosk models available – with prices starting at around $3,000 and scaling dependent on desired options – the company has decided to build out an interface specifically for their many kiosk customers.


“We are excited to officially announce our robust kiosk line,” said Wes Dunn, senior vice president of sales for Genmega. “While our kiosk manufacturing has never been a secret, our range of standard kiosks and custom options has grown to warrant its own presence in the marketplace.”


As an ATM manufacturer, Genmega has access to high-level testing and software development standards as well as EMV certifications for Windows and Linux – something most kiosk manufacturers do not have available. The company has applied these standards in their kiosk manufacturing, creating a range of options including the Universal Kiosk. Due to its unique build, without the need for retooling, this dynamic standalone machine can be outfitted with a variety of components specific to its designated task. The company also offers custom builds to meet the individual needs of every kiosk placement for their through-the-wall, wall mount and G6000/GK5000 models.


Visit kiosk.genmega.com to find out more about Genmega’s kiosk offerings.

About GenmegaFounded in 2006, Hayward California-based Genmega is a global ATM manufacturer with over a decade of experience leading the market for retail ATM and kiosk solutions. Quickly becoming the independent ATM deployers' favorite ATM manufacturer, Genmega plans to continue the tradition by providing cutting-edge products and technologies for today’s competitive kiosk markets. For more information, visit kiosk.genmega.com or call 1-510-314-8225.   


July 17, 2017

Media Contact: Wes Dunn

Genmega, Vice President of Sales

(510) 344-6333, ext 402e │ (972) 814-6306 Cell


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