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GRGBanking Face Recognition Algorithm is Leading in the World

Thursday, December 12, 2019

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Company: GRGBanking Equipment Co., Ltd.

Recently, the America National Institute of standards and Technology (NIST) released the results of Face Recognition Algorithm Test (FRVT). FRVT is the strictest, the most competitive, the most authoritative and the largest face recognition algorithm competition in the world. It has always been regarded as the "gold standard" in the industry. Among 172 global algorithm research institutions, the face recognition algorithm from Pixel Solution Co., Ltd., a holding subsidiary of GRGBanking, ranks 15 in the competition. The correct recognition rate reaches 99.4% under the false recognition rate of 1 / 100000.


GRGBanking’s 1:1 face recognition algorithm accuracy has been accredited by authoritative organization, which shows the company's strength in face recognition technology. The recognition from NIST enhances the credibility of the company's core algorithm. Apart from face recognition, GRGBanking also masters technologies of vein, voice print, iris recognition, etc. The company has realized biometric recognition application landing in finance, transportation, security, retail and other industries.


For finance, GRGBanking has helped most Chinese banks such as CCB, ABC and BOC realize face recognition transaction. The biometric solution has also been applied in remote account opening, identity verification, precision marketing, etc. For security, GRGBanking has successfully built benchmarking projects with intelligent police big data platform, annual criminal rate has been tremendously decreased in Shenzhen and Fuzhou. For transportation, GRGBanking helped Guangzhou Metro build smart station demonstration project, using the technology of "face + finger vein" to realize the senseless ticket & security checking. For tourism, GRGBanking jointly built China’s first AI smart hotel in Guilin.


GRGBanking will continuously accumulate R&D innovation, deeply exploring the application potential of biometric identification in various industries. Meanwhile, the company is strengthening the ecological cooperation, so as to promote the standards establishment and industrial progress in China.


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