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About Atmia

How The Security Center, Inc. Keeps You Safe During COVID-19

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Company: The Security Center, Inc.

Since crime doesn’t take a break during the coronavirus pandemic, neither do we! The Security Center, Inc. remains open during the current events in our nation and is proud to be able to offer safe and efficient security services to our clients who still need a watchful eye on their business.

Although some of our practices have been adjusted to keep a socially safe environment, we think our service for clients is better and more secure than ever before. Here’s how we’re keeping you safe while serving you during the crisis.

We Monitor the Evolving Situation

Our job is to help monitor your well-being 24/7. With the rise of COVID-19, we’ve extended our care to make sure our business practices evolve with the situation that changes on a daily basis.

When you order services or products from The Security Center, Inc. you can be certain that our team is up-to-date on federal safety guidelines and have adjusted our practices to keep you and your essential employees safe.

Our Team Practices Security Essentials, Safely

One of the biggest safety pushes is a socially acceptable distance between bodies. If you need us to come out and install or maintain your security equipment, our technicians will keep a safe 6-foot distance from you and your employees.

We will also wear protective gloves and refrain from any unnecessary physical contact with our customers. This will help keep you and our technicians at as low risk as possible from the quickly spreading virus.

High Risk? We Can Help Remotely

Safety is our business and especially now, we practice what we preach. Not only do our employees clean our equipment after each use, but we will also sanitize the surfaces we’ve worked on at your location.

However, although we will come out to you for help, we do want to keep our employees as safe as possible. During your initial consultation, our team will ask if you or anyone at your location is sick or has traveled within the last couple of months. If we feel that our team is at risk, we will kindly ask to reschedule your appointment or offer our help remotely in the instance of maintenance or utilization questions.

Stay Safe and Secure With The Security Center, Inc.

We know that the times are uncertain and a little extra security can help set your mind at ease. While we’ll come out to you and safely install your equipment, we encourage our customers to stay indoors and stay safe. A unified effort is what we need to ensure that the curve is eventually flattened. Let’s get through the next couple of months and bring back a new normal. Until then, remember, The Security Center, Inc. is here if you need us.

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