Iranargham's newest product is a game-changing solution in the banking industry

Tuesday, November 05, 2019

Company: Iran Argham Co.

Iranargham's newest product is a game-changing solution in the banking industry. B-Resid is a solution to improve the security and usability of Banking systems by removing the paper receipt and adding One Time Password. By using Digital receipts, we are going to have the least possible amount of wastage in Thermal paper which leads to having lower costs in the maintenance of such systems and service sustainability.
With the use of OTP (One Time Pin) users achieve a new level of security in which they are required to insert a new pin for every transaction or even accessing the Bank account.
Another approach B-Resid proceeds, is to have a more convenient and smooth experience on the Users' side by sending the receipt directly to their device that can be archived for the possible future uses. It also reduces the use of paper which is a valuable environmental factor as well.
B-Resid has several features and characteristics that are as follows:
1.    Digital Receipt
2.    Possibility to improve personal finance tools.
3.    Designing loyalty to assist loyalty club applications.
4.    The management of Discount networks.
5.    Confidence due to using OTP
6.    Sending announcements to users.
7.    Creating Closed-Loop networks.
The Digital Banking systems are using up to fourteen thousand tons of Thermal paper per year that are mostly imported from South-Korea, and due to change of policy regarding environmental improvements in South-Korea, supplying this type of paper is very expensive (if available at all), so decreasing the usage of papers is essential to the banking system and B-Resid solves these problems all at once without being costly for the service provider.
B-Resid has no limitation and can be implemented on every electronic service provided by banking and PSP systems.

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