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KAL Shares How to use Kuveyt Turk's XTM

Friday, October 07, 2016

by KAL

Kuveyt Turk’s XTM, which runs on Architecht XTM application that in turn runs KAL’s Kalignite software, is a digital branch that allows customers to carry out all the transactions they need via machine or with remote assistance from a teller.

In this video, a customer points out the main features of the machine – including a touch screen and video screen, pin pad, receipt printer, card reader, scanner, barcode reader, post box and printer. He also explains how the XTM can be used for self-service transactions such as withdrawing or depositing cash, balance inquiries and money transfers.

The customer then uses the XTM to open a new bank account with help from a teller via video conference.

Watch the video here.

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