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KICTeam Helps Fortune 500 Bank Enhance Customer Experience with Improved ATM Performance

Monday, March 11, 2019

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by KICTeam

A $1B+ bank processing tens-of-thousands of transactions a day started to feel the pain created by jams occurring with their deposit ATM fleet. These errors created reconciliation events when the amount deposited couldn’t be immediately recorded in the customer’s account. Not only is the process to resolve these issues time-consuming, but it was shown to create a negative impact on the customer’s experience and brand loyalty.

After some research, ATM Fleet Managers suspected the issue was occurring due to deposit ATM devices that were not regularly cleaned. Without taking advantage of the opportunity for preventative maintenance, the ATMs were simply not able to perform consistently and deliver on customer expectations. Plainly stated, the ATM jamming persistently automatically triggered the need for reconciliation, as customers couldn’t complete their transactions.

Although the fleet managers believed that regular cleaning would reduce these issues and ultimately improve customer experience, they were still at a loss as to what products they should use and how often.

Enter KICTeam, brought in for their technical cleaning expertise and proprietary products. KICTeam suggested to the fleet managers that they implement a weekly cleaning program using a system of cleaning cards specially designed for their deposit ATM fleet. Because of KICTeam’s patented Waffletechnology and MiracleMagic cleaning agent, these cards can reach and remove dirt that a standard card couldn’t. The bank then tested the program on 20 ATM’s, capturing targeted metrics for a 60-day timeframe.

After eight weeks, the weekly cleaning routine resulted in a reduction of 3.4 jam service calls annually per machine. Other findings outside of expected results included many benefits that boosted the bank network’s profitability, including: 

  • Fewer check image issues
  • Increased ATM availability
  • Higher acceptance rate on currency deposits
  • Faster transaction speeds due to fewer multiple-attempt deposits
  • Fewer failed transactions that require customers to seek teller support
  • Improved customer experience

Through regular cleaning, the testing demonstrated a 16% reduction in service calls caused by jams, resulting in greater availability. The bank continues to assess the effects of cleaning on the customer experience and is considering expanding the program.

About KICTeam Inc. 
Innovation is our passion. KICTeam specializes in proprietary cleaning tools, technologies, and agents that target the components and contaminants other options can’t. Our advanced solutions allow for quick, easy, and safe cleaning of parts thought to be inaccessible or too time-consuming to clean. We partner with OEMs, service providers, and end users to introduce cleaning solutions engineered for specific devices, as well as the parts and contaminants responsible for poor performance. Working with resellers and consumable suppliers, we offer opportunities for improving the customer experience.

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