Latest version of Kaspersky VPN Secure Connection ensures user privacy

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Company: Kaspersky Labs Inc

Kaspersky has extended data protection capabilities in the latest updates to its premium version of Kaspersky VPN Secure Connection. The solution now enhances users’ internet privacy by shutting down all traffic from a device if the VPN connection is lost. The new version also allows users to access previously unavailable online content.

According to Kaspersky’s recent report, Defending digital privacy: taking personal protection to the next level, a significant number of people say they apply additional privacy measures when browsing the internet. Forty-three percent do so to hide their data from cybercriminals and 37% want to shield their data from the websites they visit. One of the best ways to protect online privacy and hide personal information from prying eyes is to install a security solution like a VPN, and the report reveals that they are already used by 40% of internet users.

However, ensuring the security solution maintains user privacy depends on many external factors. For instance, if a user’s internet connection is unstable, a VPN might crash for a period of time, and without having taken the right precautions, the user may not even know it has happened.

To ensure users’ online privacy isn’t accidentally compromised and to prevent data from being lost in such a situation, Kaspersky VPN Secure Connection has incorporated the “Kill Switch” feature.

The new feature provides an extra layer of protection while users browse the internet. It eliminates any risks to their data by automatically blocking the device’s access to the internet until the VPN connection is restored. The purpose of this is to prevent confidential data from leaking through an insecure network connection. After activating this feature, consumers don’t need to worry about the possibility of details of their internet activities being obtained by third parties.


The new version of the solution also provides an opportunity to access content that previously could not be reached due to geo-restrictions introduced by different websites. Today, many online services can tell where the user is because of an IP address, and this can hold users back from accessing important news or information on the internet.

For instance, you may not be able to save money while shopping online or booking tickets, or access certain video streaming services in your region, which often have content only available in particular countries. For fans of streaming services such as Netflix, the VPN’s borderless functionality means they can now view global entertainment content from regions outside their own location. The solution hides connection details from websites that can track the user’s location, allowing them to get private and secure access to their favorite websites.

“Browsing the internet safely and privately remains a challenge for many users as a growing number of online services take interest in our digital lives, online activity and personal information,” said Marina Titova, Head of Consumer Product Marketing at Kaspersky. “Therefore many users turn to a VPN to protect their personal data while browsing the internet. Thanks to new features in the premium version of Kaspersky VPN Secure Connection, there is now a reduced risk of third parties getting and sharing your data. Furthermore, the solution expands the opportunities of interacting with different websites around the world. For instance, if you're outside your home country, and some of your favorite content is out of reach, our VPN helps you to enjoy the service in full.”

The new version of Kaspersky VPN Secure Connection is available on PC, Mac, Android and iOS[1] devices. The solution is available as a free and a premium version. All of the above-mentioned new functionalities are available only in the premium version.

Users can learn more about the new version of Kaspersky VPN Secure Connection, as well as download the free version or buy an extended one, here.

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