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Northern Credit Union Launches SendGlobal

Monday, October 21, 2019

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Company: Ficanex Services (The Exchange Network)

FICANEX® is pleased to announce that Northern Credit Union has successfully launched SendGlobal. The mobile app, fully customized to fit Northern’s brand, was added to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store last week. As a member of the second wave of clients to initiate the SendGlobal project, Northern Credit Union has successfully enabled money transfer service access for upwards of 70,000 Canadian cardholders who can now send money to friends and family in over 80 countries around the world, directly from their bank account.

Using the existing payment rails that support THE EXCHANGEÒ Network’s surcharge-free national ATM network, also owned and operated by FICANEX, SendGlobal plugs directly into members’ bank accounts and allows them to send money to recipients in a variety of ways, including cash pick-up at over 145,000 locations globally, directly to their bank account, or cash delivery. Northern Credit Union is the first of four financial institutions to go live from a group that includes Coastal Community, YNCU, and G&F Financial Group. All four credit unions are on the same banking system platform and have worked collectively with their service provider to complete the development work to support the implementation of this valuable service through the tunl.™ platform.

“We have been a proud champion of this group of four credit unions since day one and we are excited to be offering this new service to our members. SendGlobal embodies the very essence of innovation, which is enabling Northern to continue to be responsive to the diverse needs of our members. We are very pleased that our partners at FICANEX were able to make this service available to all credit unions, and we appreciate the team working closely with us to implement the service as quickly as we did,” says Richard Adam, CEO of Northern Credit Union. “As the first of the broader group to launch the app, we look forward to seeing the value it will bring to the credit union landscape as other organizations continue to roll out the service.”

“I am thrilled with Northern Credit Union’s launch of SendGlobal and how it bridges the gap that currently exists in the affordable money transfer services market for their cardholders. As a financial institution driven by innovation, it has been a privilege to watch Northern Credit Union work through the project over the past months, always staying committed to creating the best possible experience for its members,” said Andrew Obee, President & CEO of FICANEX. “As a champion of the second wave of clients, Northern Credit Union has set the stage for the others and their experience will help guide them through this project,” added Mr. Obee.

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