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Spinnaker releases new cash degradation technology.

Wednesday, December 04, 2019

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Company: Spinnaker International Ltd

Spinnaker is providing “complex degradation” to two European clients who wanted to increase the deterrent effect of their cash degradation equipment in the face of ongoing attacks. “Complex degradation” is a term coined by Spinnaker to describe a combination of degradation media within a single cash degradation device.

Clients are deploying systems equipped with multiple security dye colours/types or glue and dye to high risk areas in Europe. This complex degradation has been installed in the a2m ATM cash protection cassettes and the iBox, Spinnaker’s cross pavement box.

Spinnaker is also providing “CrimeTag”, our own forensic protection technology to these complex degradation systems.

Bi-colour staining creates a unique and obvious indelible staining pattern that is near impossible to pass on to banks, retailers or members of the public. The security dye is stored in separate containers and released when the system detects an attack. This permits a true ‘bi-colour’ staining pattern on the
banknotes. Spinnaker security dyes have been specifically designed to increase the level of detection of stained notes by automatic note acceptors, thereby causing the notes to be rejected by the machine.

Glue, dye and CrimeTag equipped iBoxes are currently being used in high risk areas in the EU. This combination of glue and dye fuses the cash into a vividly coloured block that can transfer unique DNA markers onto the criminals, whilst preventing any attempt to profit from the crime.

Managing Director Tony Westington said “Complex degradation offers real benefits to our clients. It is safe and effective, which makes it even more difficult for criminals to benefit from their crimes.”

Cash stained, or glued by Spinnaker products can still be returned to the issuing bank for repatriation. Complex degradation is compatible with all types of banknote.

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