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About Atmia

The ATMIA has selected MOBILEMONEY Inc as their January Member of the Month.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

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Company: MobileMoney, Inc.

The ATMIA has selected MOBILEMONEY Inc as their January Member of the Month.

What is the ATMIA?


The ATM Industry Association or ATMIA is the leading non-profit trade association representing the entire global ATM industry. ATMIA serves more than 10,500 members in 65 countries.

ATMIA is the leading non-profit trade association representing the entire global ATM industry. ATMIA serves more than 10,500 members in 65 countries.

In a fast-paced and technologically advanced industry like Financial Services, businesses need to keep abreast of what is out in the market, and what pitfalls are on the horizon. The ATMIA is a network of voices and literature which help MOBILEMONEY Inc to do just that. We are honored and excited to see that the ATMIA has selected us as the January 2019 Member of the Month.

What is the key value you and your company want to get out of ATMIA in the year ahead?

They Key value we are looking forward to in 2019 with ATMIA is Networking.  The networking opportunities ATMIA provides to help us find market partners and contacts within the industry is invaluable to MOBILEMONEY.

In the years to come, MOBILEMONEY sees ATMs evolving in too much more networked infrastructures, taking advantage of mobile phones, apps, and interconnected web. We see the security of these systems as a defining and key aspect which will bring us closer to truly mobile money. It is our interest to work towards the highest standard of delivering a seamless and swift experience, which removes any and all complication for the end user.

With ATMIA as a contact and partner, we see the industry growing, and the key players in the industry laying down the groundwork for a future platform or for more enhanced features within a traditional ATM machine or portable cash machine set up.

What does your firm feel is the one or more of the key benefits of your ATMIA Membership?

Networking, Industry knowledge, and Advocacy.

The benefit of ATMIA is the continued efforts that they have within the ATM Industry. We keep tabs on movers and shakers within the industry, current events which pertain to our market, and new products and or services presenting themselves over time. With our membership, we find that different parts of our company utilize the information in different ways. Our Marketing Department is keying in on the competition. Our Development Department is pushing to remain as cutting edge as possible, and our Sales Department is noticing who and what is shaking up the landscape and where to go to connect with them.

Do you attend and find value in our Events?

Yes, we have been attending ATIMA for years.  We are exhibiting this year to inform IADs and ISOs that MOBILEMONEY provides Armored Services, as well as FLM and SLM.  Stop by the booth #617 and say hi.

One of the great things about ATMIA events is that you can talk to like-minded people about things that matter in the industry. You’d think that this would be a hotbed of competitive gunslingers or something — but it actually brings out the best of what we have going for the industry — who have insightful ideas, propositions, and conversations on topics which really do perk up the ears. They are ready to share, and although at times they may hold whatever precious commodity they have closest to their chests, the amount of free and open expression of unique and profoundly impactful concepts within the talks is enough to keep coming to ATMIA event after event. So, in short — YES, we attend.

Would you provide a basic quote on the value of belonging to ATMIA since 2015.

"The networking, industry knowledge, and advocacy ATMIA provides has been invaluable to MOBILEMONEY since 2015.  We look forward to our continued partnership with ATIMA for the years to come."  - Larry Dunnwald

To be honest, we cannot put a value on ATMIA. We don’t want you guys to increase your membership fees, but the value to us is immeasurable. We really get a lot out of our membership. When we say it's invaluable, we don't mean it doesn't have valuable - in the same way that priceless is not worthless, but so great that you can't put a price on it.



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