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About Atmia

The Thai Customer Seminar was successfully held

Thursday, November 30, 2017

by GRG Banking Equipment

The Thai Customer Seminar, organized by GRGBanking and Dataone, was successfully held in Thailand in November 20th, 2017.


With the theme “Innovation and Future of Banking, Riding the Digital Wave”, the event attracted more than 100 C-Level bankers and experts in financial industry. The guests shared their opinions on future banking and the experience of digital transformation, discussing about Block chain & Distributed Ledger Technology, Cyber & Banking Security, the Challenges & Direction of Thai Banking Industry, etc.





















After giving the welcome speech, Mr. Mark Yip, the managing director of GRGBanking, pointed out during the interview of Thai magazine that the integration between banking and high-end technologies is irreversible. In the future, financial services will not be limited in the bank branch, but can be provided everywhere. Cash will exist for a long time though more and more customers are using mobile and M-wallet to transfer money, deal with payment transaction and buying internet financial products. Aiming at making banking more convenient, GRGBanking will keep exploring and combining big data, AI, biometric solution and other new technologies to provide more innovative banking solutions. As a world-leading intelligent financial solutions provider, GRGBanking will continually provide Omni-channel and Multi-channel financial services to satisfy different kind of consumer behavior.


Mr. Adam Lee, the general manager of GRGHK, made a presentation titled “Challenge & Opportunity: Thinking of The Future Banking”, emphasizing the future banking should be categorized and automated as well as core-bussiness and eco-system. 




In the showcase of Thai Customer Seminar, GRGBanking introduced series of innovative products and solutions, including VTM, P5800L, H22VL, I30C, security solutions, etc, which shows a more secure and intelligent banking in the digital time. As for now, GRGBanking’s intelligent equipment and solutions have been widely applied in Thailand. In the future, GRGBanking will embrace the digital transformation and break the barrier of channels to optimize the banking transformation in a digital and humanistic way.

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