This Week in the States - August 01, 2022

This Week in the States

Monday, August 01, 2022

by Stateside Associates




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Legislature reconvenes from summer break on August 1


Legislature adjourned and entered an Informal Session on July 31

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National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL)

Legislative Summit

Denver, CO

August 1 - August 3

Contact: Michael Behm

National Association of Local Boards of Health (NALBOH)

Annual Conference

Grand Rapids, MI

August 1 - August 3

Contact: Robert Holden

Multistate Tax Commission (MTC)

Annual Meetings

Anchorage, AK

August 1 - August 4

Contact: Allison Rivera


Annual State Legislative Leaders Summit

Las Vegas, NV

August 3 - August 4

Contact: Kiley Smith

Association of Clean Water Administrators (ACWA)

Annual Meeting

Memphis, TN

August 3 - August 5

Contact: Mark Anderson

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Here are some state and local highlights taking place this week. View everything that's happening around all 50 states by visiting our website.


The Senate Appropriations Committee will hold a hearing on August 1 regarding California AB 2026. This measure requires certain e-commerce shippers to reduce the total weight and number of units of plastic packaging and expanded and extruded polystyrene used to ship or transport products into the state.

Contact: Stephanie Obieroma

The Senate Appropriations Committee will hold a hearing on August 1 regarding California AB 2440. This measure enacts the Responsible Battery Recycling Act which requires producers, either individually or through the creation of one or more stewardship organizations, to establish a program for the collection and recycling of covered batteries and covered battery-embedded products. 

Contact: Stephanie Obieroma

The Assembly Appropriations Committee will hold a hearing on August 3 regarding California SB 1018, the Platform Accountability and Transparency Act. This bill requires that social media platforms provide the public with statistics regarding whether the social media platform determined that its algorithm recommended or otherwise amplified items of content that the platform determined violated its policies.

Contact: Ryan Reynolds

The Assembly Appropriations Committee will hold a hearing on August 3 regarding California SB 1396. This measure would require an independent evaluator to report on the impact of requiring rental payment history to be reported to consumer reporting agencies.

Contact: Ryan Reynolds

The Assembly Appropriations Committee will hold a hearing on August 3 regarding California SB 987, Medi-Cal: Time and Distance Standards, An Act to Amend Section 14197 of the Welfare and Institutions Code. This measure applies to Medicaid managed care plans and creates the California Cancer Care Equity Act. It would require a Medi-Cal managed care plan to include in its contracted provider network at least one National Cancer Institute (NCI) Designated Cancer Center and ensure that any beneficiary diagnosed with a complex cancer diagnosis is referred to a NCI-Designated Cancer Center within 15 business days of the diagnosis unless the beneficiary selects a different cancer treatment provider.

Contact: Dylan Hughes

On August 2, the San Diego City Council will consider an ordinance amending the Municipal Code to create regulations relating to the city's use, acquisition, and funding of surveillance technology.

Contact: Stephanie Rojo


On August 2, the Telluride Town Council will hold a work session related to updating the short-term rental ownership structure and licensing exceptions.

Contact: Stephanie Rojo

On August 2, the Denver Finance and Governance Committee will consider amending Municipal Code to exempt from taxation certain retail delivery fees and bag fees. 

Contact: Stephanie Rojo       


On August 1, the Minneapolis Planning Commission will consider amending regulations related to electric vehicle charging infrastructure in new development to implement policies of Minneapolis 2040.

Contact: Stephanie Rojo

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Emily Mikitka


Emily Mikitka is a rising junior at Saint Mary’s College in South Bend, Indiana. She is studying business administration with a minor in political science. At Saint Mary’s College, Emily is a part of the Student Government Association on the Financial Council and volunteers with Dance Marathon for Riley Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis. This past summer, Emily participated in the Business and Government Relations program through The Fund for American Studies. Through this program, she participated in an internship with Stateside Associates, enrolled in a summer course called Economics Problems and Public Policy through George Mason University, and attended various public policy events throughout the Washington D.C. area. After completing her undergraduate degree, Emily hopes to attend law school.   

Where are you from? I am from Naperville, Illinois. I attend Saint Mary’s College in South Bend, Indiana. 

What is your major? I am a business administration major with a minor in political science. 

What is one of your favorite memories of working with Stateside? One of my favorite memories of working at Stateside is working and learning with my fellow interns in the conference room. 

What is the next step in your journey? After my summer internship program through the Fund for American Studies, I will return to Saint Mary’s College to complete my undergraduate degree. I am going to pursue law school after completing my undergraduate degree.

What is something you will miss about D.C.? I am going to miss the feeling of living in the city, exquisite food, and beautiful neighborhoods. I hope to return to Washington, D.C., one day in the future.  

How will you use the experience you gained at Stateside in your future careers? I will use my experience in policy analysis and summary writing to help make an impact in the future through the law I choose to practice. 

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