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TMD Security’s Note Bonding Kit - ‘game-changing’ shockwave technology protects notes with glue in ATM explosive attacks

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

by TMD Security

TMD Security announced today the release of Note Bonding Kit (NBK), an addition to its expanding portfolio of physical security solutions that solve the growing global problem of ATM gas and solid explosive attacks. According to the European ATM Security Team (EAST), there were 988 explosive attacks in 2016 in Europe alone, a rise of 47 percent over the previous year.  

In an explosive attack, NBK shockwave technology releases a bonding agent over the notes inside the ATM which glues the notes together so that the criminal cannot use the cash. NBK’s shockwave technology is also used in TMD Security’s Note Staining Kit (NSK). These shockwave technology-based solutions are the only solutions that are effective in an explosion because the canisters containing glue or ink fracture instantly on explosive impact. Also, because shockwave technology does not rely on the detection of an attack, there is no risk of false activations.

Glue and ink are not new concepts as criminal deterrents to neutralise the value of notes inside the ATM and ‘spoil the prize’. However, until now, the problem with all glue and ink solutions is that they do not work in a gas or solid explosive attack because the explosion happens so fast that the systems are destroyed before there is time to effectively activate the glue or ink.

‘ATM explosions are a significant risk to human lives,’ said Cees Heuker of Hoek, Founder, TMD Security. ‘By introducing stronger safes, the industry has been taking the wrong direction because criminals use even more explosives and the risk to human lives becomes even greater. Shockwave technology changes the rules and has been so effective with ink-staining that we have released a bonding agent-based solution so that our customers can choose the security solution that best meets their needs.’

TMD Security will launch its new note protection solutions at RBR European Self-Service Banking Europe on 23 May 2017 and will also introduce its new Gas Defence Kit (GDK) that protects against explosive gas attacks.

About TMD Security GMBH

TMD Security is the global leader in security solutions for ATMs and SSTs with R&D and support in EMEA, APAC and Americas.

Website www.tmdsecurity.com; email atmprotection@tmdsecurity.com

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