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TNS Launches Multi-Carrier Wireless Roaming Solution for Payment Devices Across North America

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

by Transaction Network Services, Inc. (TNS Inc)

April 25, 2017 – Processors, ISOs and device manufacturers across North America can now benefit from Transaction Network Services’ (TNS) expertise in wireless roaming for payment devices and point-of-sale terminals thanks to the expansion of its Global Wireless Access product across the region.


Global Wireless Access (GWA) utilizes a PCI DSS certified infrastructure to deliver a multi-carrier, roaming SIM solution optimized for wireless payment devices. Designed to meet the needs of the payments industry, GWA provides secure and reliable payment-specific wireless connectivity in over 200 countries around the world. Helping to mitigate single carrier blackspots, GWA adds much needed reliability to wireless device deployments, enhancing the operation and management of terminal and device fleets for processors and ISOs.


Performance and reliability are further enhanced by TNS’ optional Roam+ application which provides automatic network selection based on the performance and availability of the wireless carriers.

Lisa Shipley, Executive Vice President and Managing Director of TNS’ Payment Network Solutions, said; “We’re excited to be launching our Global Wireless Access solution across North America. The solution has been a huge success across Europe and Asia where it has helped to deliver better uptime for merchants and lower the total cost of ownership for payment device deployers.


“By connecting to the strongest active signal and carrying transactions over TNS’ fault-tolerant network to the payment processor, GWA provides increased service quality when delivering wireless payment services across diverse geographies. Payment device owners can leverage TNS to supply a single type of SIM to unlock multiple wireless carriers at little to no premium, all on a single tariff, single data plan and managed through a single portal.”


With more than a decade of experience in providing wireless access for payments, TNS manages over 500,000 payment-specific SIMs around the world.


TNS is a Level 1 PCI DSS certified service provider and its secure network is supported 24x7x365 by TNS’ Network Operating Centres around the world. With a strong payments heritage and more than 25 years of expertise, TNS now provides services in more than 60 countries across Europe, the Americas and the Asia Pacific regions. For more information about TNS, please visit www.tnsi.com



About Transaction Network Services:

Transaction Network Services (TNS) is a leading global provider of data communications and interoperability solutions. TNS offers a broad range of networks and innovative value-added services which enable transactions and the exchange of information in diverse industries such as retail, banking, payment processing, telecommunications and the financial markets.

Founded in 1990 in the United States, TNS has grown steadily and now provides services in over 60 countries across the Americas, Europe and the Asia Pacific region, with our reach extending to many more. TNS has designed and implemented multiple data networks which support a variety of widely accepted communications protocols and are designed to be scalable and accessible by multiple methods.

For further information please contact:

Clare Cockroft or Jo Moorwood


PR Director Senior Director, Marketing Communications

T: +44 (0)114 292 0163 / +1 703 814 8065

E: pr@tnsi.com

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