Update Texas HB 350/SB 377 - January 19, 2023

Update Texas HB 350/SB 377

Thursday, January 19, 2023

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by David Tente

The sponsor of last session’s failed HB 2629 pre-filed a re-hash of the same bill. This year, however, the Office of the Attorney General, Department of Licensing and Regulation, and the bill’s senate sponsor immediately sought ATMIA’s input on changes to the original language. 

A new bill was submitted for our review that attempted to limit ATM registration to massage parlors in Texas only. Unfortunately, it was not well-written and left too much uncertainty as to how the bill would be interpreted and enforced.

ATMIA has requested that the Texas DLR perform proper due diligence in this matter. Their primary concern seems to be that some of the ATMs in Texas massage parlors are operated by human traffickers. We have provided extensive details as to the vetting processes and operational oversight that are present in the ATM channel. Simple common sense would cast considerable doubt on a human trafficker’s willingness to be submitted to such extensive scrutiny. Evidence should be provided that such a risk exists before any version of this bill is introduced.

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