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WEBINAR: 10 Common Remote Access Errors To Avoid

Thursday, September 19, 2019

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by Netop

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Learn about 10 common misconfigurations that can make remote access not just slow, but susceptible to cybersecurity risks. Here, we'll cover the best practices for network security, access controls, authentication and more.


You will learn the 10 common remote access errors to avoid, including:

1. Putting secure devices on the Internet  

2. Using shared accounts or credentials

3. Weak password management & failure to use MFA

4. Granting overly broad access to remote users - both vendors and internal users

5. And more!


Join us on Thursday September 26 at 2pm CET!


Can't attend live? Don't worry we've got you covered. We'll make the slides and the recording available after the webinar to all registrants, so make sure to register.



Cristina Poustovan




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