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Wells Fargo, NCR ramp up partnership to revamp ATM channel

Friday, July 22, 2016

by NCR

NCR Corp. has announced a collaboration agreement with Wells Fargo to reinvent self-service technology in the bank's retail stores.

According to a press release, NCR and Wells Fargo will establish a team focused on research and development in ATM and retail banking customer experience.

The team will work toward solutions that partners' strengths: NCR's experience in designing end-to-end solutions that drive omnichannel distribution; and Wells Fargo's expertise in delivering an omnichannel experience and best-in-class customer service options across store, ATM, digital and contact center channels, the release said.

"Aligning our development strategy with NCR allows us to shape the future of technology in our stores and ATMs to benefit Wells Fargo customers," said Jonathan Velline, head of ATM banking and store strategy for Wells Fargo. "We have a long history of innovation, and we expect this collaboration with NCR to add to our legacy, deliver the next generation of technology in our physical channels and further enhance customer experience."

Over the past eight years, NCR and Wells Fargo have worked together on a number of technologies, the release said. These include cash- and check-processing innovations; concierge solutions delivered through self-service devices; and next-generation materials that improve the longevity and usability of the physical channels.

"Wells Fargo will have access to our global innovation community, customer engineers and executive leadership to provide support in Wells Fargo's lab," said Bill Nuti, NCR chairman and CEO. "Through this relationship, we'll work hand in hand to drive market-leading efficiencies, greater solution quality and improved speed to market."

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