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Contact Peter Poon, Executive Director Asia at Call +852 3756 0060 or +86 180 2234 7494 (PRC - 中華人民共和國).

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ATMIA members have the opportunity and are encouraged to join industry specific committees to offer your voice for the betterment of the ATM industry.  Each committee meets quarterly for one hour by conference call or webinar and in the event of urgent issues, may meet more if necessary.

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Webinar - Global update on preventing ATM Skimming. Read more.

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* Bitcoin report released :

* Joint Official Statement on Windows XP within ATMs by ATMIA and PCI Security Standards Council. Read more.

* Windows Migration Risk Assessment report Please login using your member ID (email address) and password to Best Practices Library to download the report.

* Asia leads the way as growth in global ATM market accelerates. Read More.

* Ron Delnevo with Cash-Is-Cool Shares How ATMIA Provides Valuable Industry Education. Read More.New

ATMIA Launches New OnlineTraining and Certification Programclientuploads/new-icon.png

ATMIA recently released the world’s first online training certification program for ATM Operators (Financial Institutions and IADs) based on the most robust body of job-specific knowledge in the ATM industry following industry best practices. On completion of all the courses, a truly intensive set of training, trainees will be award an industry endorsed International Certificate for ATM Operators. The certification will raise your professionalism and establish a sense of trust with those you conduct business with.

* Asia e-Newsletter

April issue of Asia eNewsletter releasedclientuploads /新的icon.png

China Corner

China's 5 Big State-owned Commercial Bank

Bank Year Founded HQ (City) Total Asset
(Billion US$)
Year Listed Earnings
(Billion US$)
ICBC 1984 Beijing 2,778 2006 Oct 379 16,200
ABC 1951 Beijing 2,095 2010 Jul 230 26,200
CCB 1954 Beijing 2,218 2005 Oct 307 13,600
BOC 1912 Beijing 2,200 2006 Jun 231 10,000
BOCOM 1908 Shanghai 836.5 2007 May 92.5 2,600

Earnings as of 2012 end; Total assets of 5 big ~128% of GDP (2012)

/files/Asia Region/PRC-5 Big Bank_Logo_Yr Founded.jpg

ICBC Industrial & Commercial Bank of China
ABC Agricultural Bank of China
CCB China Construction Bank
BOC Bank of China
BOCOM Bank of Communication


Nationwide: 205,000 branches (5 Big ~33%) and an industry working population of 3.2 million (~0.25% of PRC population);

There are 12 national joint-stock commercial banks (tier 2 financial institutions) and Postal Savings Bank of China (PSBC, founded in 2007 headquartered in Beijing).


  • 307 units per million population [Global average: 348 units/million population] ;
  • up to end 2012, total ATM install base in PRC = 415,600 [second to US - 445,000];   PRC ATM Share Pie Chart.JPG
  •  New ATM purchase in 2012 by 5 Big = 64,500 (~64% of country's new ATM purchase; 34.75% increase vs 2011);
  • Top 5 vendors : GRG Banking (广电运通)、Hitachi (日立)、Yihua Computer Ltd (怡化)、Diebold (迪堡)、NCR;
  • Market share of ATM vendors in PRC (2012)2012 China ATM vendor mkt share.jpg

Infographics of 5 Big - 一张图看懂--中国五大银行

China's rising stature in global finance

According to McKinsey&Company, China, as the world’s largest saver with more than US$3 trillion in foreign reserve, an equity total market cap of US$3.6 trillion (2012) and a GDP of US$7.69 trillion (2012), has a major role to play in the global financial rebalancing toward emerging markets. Today, these countries represent 38 percent of worldwide GDP but account for just 7 percent of global foreign investment in equities and only 13 percent of global foreign lending. 1.This article is based on the McKinsey Global Institute report Financial globalization: Retreat or reset?, March 2013. Their role seems poised to grow in the shifting postcrisis financial landscape, since the advanced economies face sluggish growth and sobering demographic trends. As a lead player in that shift, China could become a true global financier and, with some reform, establish the renminbi as a major international currency.

China’s domestic financial markets will have to deepen and develop further, and returns earned by the government, corporations, and households must rise if the country is to attract and deploy capital more effectively. At the same time, the barriers that prevent individuals and companies from investing more freely outside the borders of China, and foreigners from investing within them, will have to diminish gradually, and the country must build the trust of global investors. Continued reform in China, coupled with its vast domestic savings and outsized role in world trade, could make the country one of the world’s most influential suppliers of capital in the years ahead.


Book on Central Bank of People's Republic of China (PRC)

The Rise of PBoC.jpg


Global ATMIA news

* ATMIA completes the second round of its Global Benchmarking study for ATM operators. Read more

* How ATMIA supports the ATM Industry. What we do! Read More.

* ATMIA Publishes Best Practices for Cardless Transactions at the ATMNew

ATMIA today published Best Practices for Cardless Transactions at the ATM.

"We believe strongly in the future of cardless as a convenient new form of transaction at the ATM," explained Mike Lee, CEO of ATMIA. "The manual offers a brilliant overview by international payments consultant Barry Forbes of the technical, operational, regulatory and marketing issues associated with this promising innovation. In addition, Douglas Russell, Director of DFR Risk Management and approved ATMIA consultant, has covered the security implications of the new technology."

To read more you can view the full article on our website or you can contact Mike Lee, CEO at

ATMIA Membership:

New Board Member

Hangzhou Huawei Enterprises Communications Technologies Co.(PRC)
Based in Hangzhou China and operated as an unified communication solution provider.  Hangzhou Huawei Enterprises Communications Technologies Co., Ltd. operates as a  subsidiary of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., a global ICT solution company with annual  revenue of US$39.5Billion.

SZZT Electronics Co.(PRC)
Established in 1993, SZZT is a leading secure-payment & self-service solution provider specialized in R&D, manufacturing, sales and service of PCI EPP (Encrypting Pin Pads), POS terminals and KIOSKs for ATM manufacturers, operators and financial institutions 

Board Member's News

Hitachi milestone in India : 1000th Cash Deposit/Cash Recycling ATM installed. Read more.

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