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<bvk> technology

<bvk> technology is the leading ATM Security & ATM Access Control Solutions Company, technology provider specialized in R&D of smart, connected ATM security devices, web, big data based remote device monitoring & control applications.

M1,M2, M3, D1,D2,D3 Anti-skimming, Anti-Shimming, ATM Environmental Control, OTC (One Time Code) based ATM Access Control Solutions always with Multi Factor Authentication are the key competencies of <bvk>.

Our technologies enable banks and FI’s to increase the security and convenience of their customers by preventing ATM Fraud threats. We also help manage the access of all the third parties to the ATM Sites easily and efficiently by One Time Code based Control; ZERO TRUST security approach. <bvk> has done sales & implemented its solutions in thousands of ATMs in 43 countries so far around the world. With global sales and support, <bvk> experts are here to guide you through latest ATM security & access control problems and show how <bvk> can help you to have more secure and efficient ATM Operations.

<bvk> technology

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ase5 ATM Security

ase5 ATM Security

Protect the ATMs and thus your customers against all types of skimming and card trapping. As ATM fraud is on the rise, ATM Operators should take all necessary counter measures with <bvk>’s latest technology ase5 solution.

ase5 protects banks and card holders from card skimming, card shimming, card trapping, detects skimmers, shimmers, fascia drilling, left open safe doors. In addition to these, it monitors and manages the ATM environment for a more secure surrounding, higher service quality and lower operational costs.

otcaccess : Access Control to ATM Sites with Multi-Factor Authentication


Ensure keyless and secure access to the ATMs with unique One Time Codes (OTC). Any user, for any site, for any function, can be authorized for a limited time & can get instant secure access to the ATMs without any keys with OTCaccess thanks to <bvk>’s Multi Factor Authentication technology.  The user is verified, access point is identified, the time and the function are all validated for every single access.

<bvk>’s OTCaccess streamlines the access management of third parties to the ATMs, providing both security & convenience,  operational efficiency. otcaccess uses a unique offline Multi-Factor Authentication technology by managing all users & access points centrally and also online, real-time tracking, monitoring and management for each single access.

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