Columbus Data Services

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Columbus Data Services (CDS) is one of the nation’s largest providers of ATM processing services for financial institutions, ATM ISOs and merchants with over 80,000 ATMs utilizing its dynamic, state-of-the-art processing platform.

The CDS platform operates the ACI Postilion software for its core processing platform. The Postilion software is recognized throughout the payments industry as a robust, high tech processing platform capable of supporting the latest in payments technology. That being said, CDS appreciates that every client’s processing needs are unique to their business, and to that end, a “one-size-fits -all” approach is rarely the most effective technological solution. That’s why CDS maintains a talented in-house staff to provide customizable development work to ensure its seamless integration for your business.

Columbus Data Services supports equipment produced by all of the industry’s leading manufacturers such as Diebold, NCR (including Tidel), Nautilus Hyosung, Hantle (formerly Tranax), Triton, GRG, Wincor, Genmega and Fujitsu. Additionally, CDS supports debit card issuing for VISA, MasterCard, STAR, PULSE, and Discover partners.

Whatever your ATM needs are, our staff of experienced professionals is dedicated to helping its clients be as competitive as possible in their respective markets.

Columbus Data Services

5220 Spring Valley Road
Suite 300
Dallas, TX 75254

Phone: (888) 275-2864



Products & Services


ATM + is a creative way to maximize the value of your existing ATM fleet by offering a combination of innovative ATM products, including:

  • Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) – Convert the total withdrawal amount into the foreign cardholders’ currency – informing the cardholder of the exact total in their own home currency at the time of the withdrawal while the ATM operator earns additional revenue (instead of the issuer).
  • Active/Active – All but eliminates downtime as the systems are both processing transactions with the ability to move terminals between platforms.

EMV Transaction Processing

Need assistance migrating your ATM network to the EMV standard? Columbus Data Services is a leader in ATM processing for EMV. Contact us today to ensure you are covered when the fraud liability shift occurs on October 1, 2016.

Customer Service

Columbus Data Services is committed to providing a better client experience with state-of-the-art ATM processing services, debit/credit card issuer services and network access gateway services backed by friendly service. CDS works with financial institutions and ATM operators to ensure their programs are competitive and meet the needs of their valuable customers.

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