Currency Research USA Inc.

Currency Research (CR) – The World’s Resource for Currency Knowledge, is an international organization that believes education and communication are fundamental to growth and innovation within our industry. We organize seminars/conferences which focus on enhancing the efficiency and security of banknotes where leaders come together to learn, discuss, and network in a unique atmosphere. CR is dedicated to the industry and has undertaken research to promote a deeper understanding of issues and equip stakeholders with the most up-to-date information on trends, strategies, and technologies. CR supports the right of citizens to use cash as a payment option and we strive to maintain its viability through our initiatives.

Currency Research USA Inc.

North America & Caribbean
Mr. Shaun Ferrari, Managing Director - Americas & Caribbean

Asia & Middle East
Mr. Tan Chee Meng, Managing Director – Asia & Middle East

Europe & Africa
Ms. Nena Vukicevic, Managing Director – Europe & Africa


Products & Services

The Cash Cycle Seminars (ICCOS)

ICCOS (International Commercial Cash Operations Seminar): The Cash Cycle Seminar

These seminars have grown since the first one in 1995, and is considered the premier seminar for commercial cash management, distribution and circulation. Four regional seminars, Americas, Asia, Europe and MEA (Middle East and Africa), welcome all stakeholders in the cash cycle, including Central Banks, Commercial/Retail Banks, CMCs, Retailers, Casinos, and Post Offices. Combining a unique and quality program and specialized breakout sessions conducted by the leading industry suppliers, the Cash Cycle Seminars provide the ideal opportunity to learn, network and engage with colleagues from different countries and across the industry.

Currency Conference & Banknote Conference

Currency Conference (CC)

These conferences focus on the importance of Central Bankers coming together to address specific areas of interest, challenges and network with peers from around the world. The Currency Conference began in 1992 and allows Central Banks and Printworks to have a secure and interesting environment to discuss policy issues. The Banknote Conference provides an opportunity for Central Banks and Printworks to discuss new technologies and trends that affect their currencies. These conferences run every other year on alternating years to allow key officials from the industry to have a platform for discussions and networking.

Review Seminars

Review Seminars

The CR Team recaps the latest issues and trends presented at various international Conferences and Seminars at each two day (1/2 day each) Review Seminar. This is a chance for industry colleagues who have been unable to attend and participate in the international conferences to gain the insight and knowledge that was shared. Presentations from conferences such as the Currency Conference, the regional ICCOS seminars, the Coin Conference and others are compiled into the key elements and trends. There are multiple review seminars a year in varying locations, bringing the benefit of global education within easy reach.



Sharing knowledge within the industry is a key way we can grow, develop and enter new realms of innovation. CR feels passionately about taking the industry to the next level and therefore we organize and report on various research projects and reports. Current Reports include: Re-Engineering Currency Circulation Procedures, The Case for Cash Parts 1 and II and the Benchmarking Report: High Speed Cash Processing. These reports delve into the current issues facing our industry and help central banks, commercial banks, cash management companies and suppliers see how they currently fit into the worldwide industry.


Considering Currency Research’s experience and history, with our worldwide reach and expansive list of personal industry contacts, CR is perfectly positioned to provide consulting services to the industry. Whether it is a project we undertake, or a project that is outsourced and overseen, our industry knowledge and project management experience makes us a key resource for the industry. Past projects have included establishing fitness standards and regulations between Central Banks and the commercial sector, establishing benchmarks and best practices within the industry and assisting both Central Banks and private industry on specific research topics.

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