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DigitalMint is the premier Bitcoin point-of-sale provider in the nation, enabling ATM operators to earn new revenue selling cryptocurrency through physical kiosks. We give operators the infrastructure to run their own Bitcoin ATM business with multiple product options including the stand-alone Bitcoin Kiosk and the ATM Sidecar Attachment.

DigitalMint is an industry leader in cash-to-cryptocurrency compliance standards. As a FinCEN-registered Money Services Business, we adhere to all federal banking regulations and anti-money laundering rules. Operators choose DigitalMint because of our commitment to fraud protection and compliance, the cornerstone of our long-term sustainability. Simply put, we protect your customers from being defrauded in an industry where most Bitcoin providers do not. Not all Bitcoin providers are created equal. DigitalMint strongly recommends ATM operators do their research before partnering with any Bitcoin provider. Which is why we created a guide for operators to vet potential Bitcoin partners, 5 Things ATM Operators Should Consider Before Buying into Bitcoin

Established in 2014, DigitalMint has worked with atm operators, convenience stores, financial service centers, and retailers to serve more than 100,000 customers across the country. Based on Bitcoin's growing usage and untapped cash-to-cryptocurrency opportunity, ATM operators are in a prime position to expand their service offering with Bitcoin ATMs. Bitcoin point-of-sale kiosks are a great low touch revenue driver for operators managing ATMs and cash logistics at current store locations.

  • Uncapped Revenue Share Model
  • Best-In-Class Compliance Standards
  • Online Fleet Management Dashboard


Marc Grens, Co-Founder & President
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (844) 405-6170


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Products & Services

Bitcoin Kiosk

Bitcoin Kiosk
  • Our stand-alone Bitcoin Kiosk allows customers to purchase Bitcoin with cash in minutes autonomously. The Bitcoin ATM is a Genmega Universal Kiosk operating on DigitalMint’s in-house developed proprietary software. The kiosk functions similarly to a traditional ATM. The entire customer transaction, from account registration to delivery of Bitcoin, is performed at the point-of-sale.

ATM Sidecar Attachment

ATM Sidecar Attachment
  • Through our exclusive partnership with Genmega, DigitalMint has developed a Sidecar attachment that facilitates Bitcoin transactions through current Genmega ATMs at store locations. The new, state-of-the art Sidecar is the first and only attachment of its kind to enable cash-to-cryptocurrency transactions on a traditional ATM. The attachment upgrades your current single-purpose ATM into a modular financial services terminal with a simple drop-in upgrade. The Sidecar is less than 12 inches wide and still holds 2,200 notes. A perfect solution for operators currently managing Genmega ATMs.

Fleet Management Dashboard

Fleet Management Dashboard
  • DigitalMint provides a 24/7 real-time fleet management dashboard to monitor your cash-to-cryptocurrency business. Our advanced platform enables DigitalMint ATM operator partners to manage cash logistics, transaction sales, up-time, issue alerts, and add new employees and operators to your enterprise with custom-based permissions. DigitalMint is the only Bitcoin operator in the industry that offers a live reporting dashboard for partners. Our dashboard and suite of tools are developed entirely in-house, allowing for rapid product iteration and customization.

Banking Compliance Program

  • DigitalMint fosters a culture of compliance that is woven into every thread of our business, from our operator partnerships to each customer transaction. Our industry-leading compliance standards separate DigitalMint from every other Bitcoin point-of-sale provider, keeping our operator partners safe from illegal activity and consistently earning revenue.
  • Because of our best-in-class BSA/AML compliance procedures, DigitalMint can offer customers the highest purchase limit in the industry as we’ve become a preferred organization that banks appreciate working with. The final result provides our customers with a better experience and our partners with more long-term sustainable revenue. Since inception, DigitalMint has saved customers from losing millions of dollars in fraud and scam attempts.


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