Elan Financial Services

Elan Financial Services® offers a robust set of products and services which allows you to leave your transaction processing needs to us and focus on the success of your core business. Backed by the strength and integrity of U.S. Bank® we are the only provider that combines a consultative approach with guaranteed service and support from transaction processing and real-time transaction monitoring to superior vault cash provisioning and management.  Elan also owns and operates the MoneyPass® surcharge-free ATM network.  Draw more foot traffic to your retail locations with MoneyPass’ more than 90 million active cardholders.

  • The Right Team. Right Now. Dedicated Account Representatives.
  • ATM Processing and Monitoring.
  • Vault Cash Provisioning and Management. All 50 States and Puerto Rico.
  • MoneyPass National Surcharge-Free ATM and PIN POS Network.

Elan Financial Services

Elan Financial Services
1255 Corporate Drive 
Irving, TX 75038 
800-343-7064 phone 

Products & Services

Vault Cash

Vault Cash

Partner with a provider that will separate you from the competition. 
Cash makes an ATM program tick, making it essential to work with a provider who can make your program thrive. Not only does Elan have the best and largest vault cash program in the country, we’re the only provider that offers both vault cash and processing, eliminating the need for you to have separate vendors.

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ATM Processing

ATM Processing

State-of-the-art processing and monitoring give you an advantage. 
Efficiency and reliability are everything in ATM operations, which is why we continually invest time and money to meet your demands and those of consumers.

Our flexible, stable processing platform gives you a true advantage over other ATM providers. The direct connections that we have with networks maximize your revenue, as we have no gateway fee pass through. Our platform features stand-alone redundant capabilities that enable our data centers to act as disaster recovery sites for one another. And to assure that your ATMs operate at peak capacity and remain available to your customers, we can continuously monitor your terminals. 

In addition, our fault- and service-management systems provide complete problem-management functionality, including:

  • Automatic problem detection and tracking.
  • Automatic dispatching and service provider management.
  • Escalation and problem closure.
  • Report generation and distribution.

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Make your ATM a preferred destination by providing surcharge-free access. 
There’s a reason more than 90 million cardholders and increasing numbers of independent sales organizations rely on MoneyPass, the nation’s fastest-growing ATM network with over 32,000 ATMs. MoneyPass gives cardholders who live, work or travel in your area exactly what they want - convenient, surcharge-free access to their money.

More traffic builds your transaction volume.
MoneyPass is a big draw for cardholders and prepaid card users eager to avoid ATM fees. Once they find your ATM, they’ll return often and spread the word, leading to significantly more traffic and sales for you. In fact, a surcharge-free ATM can increase a store’s transaction volume two to five times.

  • Over time, stores that use MoneyPass often see a 200% to 500% increase in ATM transactions.

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ATM Managed Services

ATM Managed Services

Flexible, Results-oriented ATM Management Solutions.
In recent years, ATMs have risen to the forefront as a critical and convenient self-service channel for consumers, often replacing bank and credit union branches as the primary resource for handling financial transactions of all kinds, from deposits and funds transfer to cash management and more. As a result of this transformation, your financial institution needs to be even more vigilant about making sure your ATM fleet stays secure, reliable, competitive and compliant.

With Elan ATM Managed Services, we partner with our customers to address those needs. Our flexible solutions offer advanced functionality that furthers revenue opportunity, prepares you for the next wave of technology, ensures your ability to meet compliance deadlines, and helps attract and retain cardholders. You’ll also have all the support you need to stay ahead of the curve and maintain a successful ATM program — and all from a single source.

With Elan ATM Managed Services, our customers recognize achievable results.  
• Fixed operating costs and improved performance.
• On-time compliance.
• Increased revenue.
• Exceed expectations for service and functionality.
• The opportunity to better focus on your core business.

Our people have the expertise and experience you need to deliver the latest in ATM solutions and services.
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