Faradis Alborz Corp. (DFA)

After a decade of activity under the title of Support and Production Deputy in Informatics Services Corporation (mother company), Dadehvarzi Faradis Alborz Company (shortly known as DFA) has begun its activities in 2004 by continuing the operating and supporting banking ICT technologies and equipment including branch equipment, VSAT, VNB (VSAT Network Backup device) and cabling. Thanks to its high executive capabilities and the increasing demands for advanced and diverse services by the clients in the field of banking technologies, as to complete the chain of products, DFA was also established itself as the first company manufacturing those equipment in Iran from the start.

Relying on the specialty and hard work of over 800 experienced managers and engineers, the company acquired the following achievements in the country:

  • Assembling and installation of more than 3000 Wincor Nixdorf ATM units.
  • Manufacturing and installation of more than 300 Faradis ATMs.
  • Providing support and repairing services for more than17000 ATMs.
  • Manufacturing and installation of over 7000 VSAT Terminal Systems.
  • Manufacturing and installation of 6500 VNB Systems.
  • Delivering and installation of 250,000 POS terminals.
  • Assembling and technically supporting of 250,000 POS terminals.
  • Development and provision of SST control software namely “Farna”.
  • Development and provision of SST Monitoring software namely “Irma”.
Faradis Alborz Corp. (DFA)


No.20, Khalil Zadeh St.
Valiasr Ave.
Postal Code: 19697-33913

Phone: +98(21) 88663674
Fax: +98(21) 88661699
Email: [email protected]


  • Assembling and manufacturing of ATM systems and accessories.
  • Installing and support ATM systems.
  • Repairing and refurbishing the damaged ATM systems.
  • Assembling and manufacturing and uploading POS Systems.
  • Supporting and provision of POS Services.
  • Manufacturing indoor and outdoor land-based equipment required by VSAT network and backup support network.
  • Manufacturing WAN Network equipment.
  • Executing and supporting WAN Networks installation and plans in large scale projects.
  • Executing and supporting Banking Automation System.
  • Designing and implementing SST software packages.
  • Designing and manufacturing SST hardware packages.
  • Customizing and fine tuning all kinds of SSTs for the banking requirements and networks.
  • Designing and implementing monitoring and navigation systems in the banking  SST networks.
Products & Services

IRMA Software

IRMA Software

The comprehensive control, monitor and management of SST (Self Service Terminal) is a necessary solution to increase performance and efficiency. Following this vital requirement, “Integrated Remote Monitoring and Administration-IRMA” system is designed and developed in DFA Software Development Management Section. SST’s online status remote monitoring, remote command execution, file transfer and collecting data for report management are some of the main tasks of this system. The main advantages of IRMA system for SSTs are:

  • Increasing accuracy and efficiency
  • Integrated and centralized administration
  • Support service time reduction
  • Remote supply and error management
  • Centralized data collection and analysis

Faradis Kiosk & VTM

Faradis Kiosk & VTM

Product Details:

VTM (Video Teller Machine), also known as Smart ATM ,  is an innovative banking solution that integrates HD Video & Audio Conferencing technology with core banking system. Customers can complete 95% of transactions which are conducted at the counter by self-service, following instructions given by remote teller or the system.

Personalized Customer Service:

According to different transaction requests of customers, VTM will allocate the tasks to tellers, account managers, or financing experts. The new banking way will bring users better customer experience, ease the pain waiting in line and asking different bank staff to serve. Besides, the remote tellers in call center will work and be trained together. Thus improves serviceability, provides customers standard and professional services.

Flexible Service Time & Location:

The video teller machine can be deployed not just in bank branches but also in communities. Customers can conduct transactions in the nearest VTM beyond bank working time as long as the call center provides remote teller supports.

Branchless Banking:

Building a brick and mortar branch is expensive. The rent, personnel pay, office consumption all cost. Instead, VTM can act as community bank branch without so much cost. It enables banks get in touch with more potential clients and expand market share in a cost-effective way.


  • Open new bank account and card dispensing
  • Account balance check and transfer
  • Purchase financing products
  • Daily bill payment
  • PIN Change
  • Statement Printing


  • Ergonomic and compact structure
  • Modular design for easy maintenance
  • Rich options can be added
  • ISO8583, VISA, EMV, PCI Certified
  • Supports fingerprint, palm vein recognition
  • Digital signature applicable
  • Color of cabinet can be tailored

ATM Faradis 210:

ATM Faradis 210

The ATM Faradis-210 offers a wide range of services and ensures discretion for customers during use. Standard frames simplify installation in various conditions. The system can be installed through walls of up to 360 mm in thickness. Old WN systems can be replaced without requiring any modifications to the building. The main control panel elements are made of stainless steel, which provides protection against damage through vandalism.

This ATM is made by Faradis Alborz Corp. based on PC2150 USB (made by Wincor-Nixdorf). New design for its fascia and using 15" monitor are differences between this ATM and PC2150.


Installation, commissioning and support of ATM:

DFA Co. has operated the Diebold-Nixdorf ATMs at different branches of national banks and currently supports all of the ATMs (more than 17,000 units).

Also the company, by relying on its discrete operational offices, repair centers and multiple warehouses has managed to provide a unique SLA in supporting its ATMs

Installing, Operating and Supporting VSAT & VNB Networks:

Supporting the equipment for VSAT/VNB networks and other telecommunication systems, installed at different branches of national banks is considered as one of the most significant activities of Faradis Alborz Data Manipulation Co.

Currently more than 7000 VSAT terminals and 7000 VNB devices are supported by the company.

Installing, Operating and Supporting Network:

Systems like the equipment for data storing, servers, computers, printers, scanners are some of the most important activities of Faradis Alborz Data Manipulation Co. in this field.

Providing Cash on Delivery Systems Services:

DFA Co. has a unique potential and ability for providing A to Z of electronic payment services.

Dadehvarzi Faradis Alborz Co., having high level expertise in designing and producing electronic banking and payment equipment and systems on one hand and installing and operating and supporting them throughout the country on the other hand, and having gained a significant experience by supporting and maintaining more than 400,000 POS machines, make a unique potential and ability for providing electronic payment services in the form of PSP (Payment System Provider) company. Considering the resolutions of the Central bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran regarding the rules and regulations of operation of PSP companies, supervised by a national Card Payment Electronic Network Company (Shaparak), DFA Co., considering the above mentioned abilities, has applied for the permit to operate in the fields of supplying, marketing, installing, operating and supporting POS terminal machines at sale points and services to be provided to receivers.

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