KICTeam is the world leading expert in technical cleaning with a focus on financial industry devices. We design, manufacture, sell to, and educate the market on disposable products that increases device performance, reduces maintenance costs, and improves the customer experience.

Our products remove dirt, dust, oils, and other contaminants from ATMs and a wide range of financial devices, such as card readers and check scanners. Our specialized cleaning cards, wipes, pens, and swabs are designed to achieve maximum cleaning; better, faster, and easier than any other method. Our proprietary Waffletechnology® cleaning cards, in conjunction with our application specific cleaning solutions, are the foremost products approved by OEMs to ensure the productivity and extended life of their technology.


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Cleaning Products for ATM Devices

Cleaning Products for ATM Devices

ATM uptime is a critical component of the successful customer experience. Over 35% of ATMs worldwide now include crucial automated deposit modules - and that is only increasing. These highly efficient units are continually exposed to the dirt, ink and contaminants typical of currency and checks, potentially slowing down transactions, triggering errors or causing the units to jam. Card readers, touch screens and key pads are also subject to extended use grime, finger oils and a variety of harsh environmental conditions, particularly in “drive-up” models.

Implementing a proactive cleaning regimen has proven to maintain the operational uptime of your ATM fleet. KICTeam’s ATM cleaning cards, wipes and swabs focus on the components that are reported to have the most difficulties.

We offer products to clean and maintain:

  • Deposit Modules for notes, checks or a combination
  • EMV/Dip or Motorized Card Readers
  • Touch Screens/Fascia/ Cameras
  • Keyboards

Each KICTeam product is saturated with one of our proprietary Envanish™ cleaning solutions that meet global regulatory requirements, have been proven safe and are tailored to each device and application. Products are suitable for use on virtually every ATM brand.

Specialty Cleaning Kits

Specialty Cleaning Kits

Having researched and studied the complex workings of ATM devices, KICTeam’s specially designed ATM Cleaning Kits and detailed instructions are module specific and geared toward either a branch or store implemented preventative maintenance program or servicing field technicians depending on a “safe open” or a “safe closed” procedure. Both are fast, cost effective and easy to use.

Device Recovery After Cleaning

Device Recovery After Cleaning

78% of devices that were cleaned recovered full operation after failing.

Data from an OEM independent study

Testing showed a significantly improved clean over our existing supplier...the engineers using [the kits] are able to remove all traces of dirt...saving us time and the bank’s [ATM] availability.

- Major ATM country specialist, after testing KICTeam products:
  • • Device Cleaning Wipe
  • • Screen Cleaning Wipe
  • • Key Cleaning Swab
  • • Encoded ATM Cleaning Card
  • • Thermal Printer Cleaning Card

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