For nearly three decades, Nautilus Hyosung has been a leading provider of financial and retail ATM solutions including hardware, software and ATM services. We offer a complete line of quality ATMs including drive-up, through-the-wall and full function lobby ATMs which feature advanced envelope-free deposit functionality (bulk note and bulk check deposit). Experience the power of choice with Nautilus Hyosung.

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Products & Services

NH-1800 CE

NH-1800 CE

The NH-1800 CE offers exceptional value with the power of a Microsoft® Windows® CE platform. Featuring a new topper design, it is also an attractive addition to any retail setting.

MX 5600

MX 5600

The innovative design of the Monimax 5600 offers an elegant exterior, ease of use and ergonomic design. 15"TFT LCD provides unsurpassed convenience to customers and Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD) maximizes advertising effect. With high-capacity receipt journal and cassettes, the Monimax 5600 can be deployed both on and off premise as a high-performance cash-dispensing FI model. 

MX 5300

MX 5300

Fully scalable and flexible, the 5300XP is a powerful ATM and Self-Service Kiosk that offers 8000 note capacity. Also available as a 5300CE model.

MX 7600D

MX 7600D

The Monimax 7600D is a multi-functional drive-up ATM that maximizes the operating efficiency. Also available with side access as the 7600 DS, the Monimax 7600D family allows you to add additional functionalities such as envelope-free technology with our Bulk-note and Bulk-check deposit modules.

MX 7600T

MX 7600T

The MX 7600T offers powerful financial-transaction support. Monimax 7600T is the Ideal ATM solution for high volume transactions, enabling your customers to access their cash 24 x 7. Monimax 7600T allows you to add additional functionalities such as envelope-free technology, delivering a full range of services to your customers at their convenience.

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Hyosung Celebrates 20 Years of Service in the U.S.

Published Monday, April 09, 2018

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