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Since 1994, Paragon Application Systems has been helping our clients innovate and succeed by providing world-class testing solutions that promote system availability, improve operational efficiency, and deliver the best customer experience. As the leading independent provider of simulation, configuration, and test tools for the payments industry; we work with issuers, acquirers, processors, and ATM fleet owners from across the globe to manage, automate, and integrate their ATM and payments testing environments.

Our solutions protect the leading financial services brands throughout the world, ensuring they meet the increasing demand from their customers for anytime, anywhere services. We have served more than 600 clients globally, helping them drive more than 100,000 ATMs, connect to over 100 interchanges, and process thousands of transactions per second.

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Paragon partners with organizations in their successful management of continual change across the payments landscape, protecting the brand with payments testing solutions that ensure systems are reliable, functional, and secure.

Automate QA, regression, certification, & settlement testing for ATMs and payments. Global payment brands, merchant acquirers, payment processors, retailers & financial institutions use our cloud-based and desktop solutions to reduce expenses while increasing productivity, accuracy, & efficiency.


Virtualization of Advanced Function ATMs for incomparably accurate simulation with complete visibility into the ATM software stack. Preview ATM screens, receipts, and transaction flows. Test faults and error conditions. Built on Web FASTest, VirtualATM offers automated testing anytime, anywhere with cloud-based control of user access and test data.

Learn more about VirtualATM.

Web FASTest™

Enterprise solution for anytime, anywhere cloud-based payments testing. Automate testing of end-to-end financial message processing, brand/network certification, system performance, or settlement using a single solution offering centralized control of user access and test data. Use Web FASTest’s API to include tests in your data integration strategy. Extend Web FASTest with VirtualATM for automated ATM testing.

Learn more about Web FASTest.

ATMulator Plus®

Desktop app for configuration and simulation of States-and-Screens-based ATMs. Configure ATM states and buffers, design and preview ATM screens, test transaction flows, and create the ATM load file—without ATMs, test cards, or lab time.

Learn more about ATMulator Plus.


Desktop app for automated QA and regression testing of ATM/POS formats, or for brand/network certification. Customize test scenarios, and run unattended testing through the app or through integration with your test management system.

Learn more about FASTest.


Desktop app for system performance testing. Emulate each device in your network including ATMs and POS devices, switch issuers, and acquirers. Dynamically increase or decrease transactions per second (TPS) or change the number of active connections. Measure overall system capacity and identify bottlenecks.

Learn more about FASTress.


By leveraging the skills of our people and the experience gained from our engagements around the globe, Paragon delivers high impact solutions that enable your organization to meet the challenge of change head on.

Eliminate the rising IT costs associated with desktop software, centralize management of globally deployed testing resources, and automate ATM and payments testing processes to extend test coverage throughout the product lifecycle.

ATM Testing

Continued advances in technology, evolving consumer behavior, competition, as well as significant legal and regulatory pressure, all mean that ATM networks operate in a state of continual change. To effectively manage this complexity and remain competitive, a comprehensive strategy, as well as a powerful, flexible, and robust platform for ATM testing are required.

Learn more about our ATM Testing solutions.

Automated Testing

Payment testing systems are too complex and change too quickly for any organizations to risk deployments without frequent, comprehensive payments network testing. No company can hire enough people to manually conduct the required tests in the time available in a release cycle. Today's payments testing strategy must rely on automated test execution and verification.

Learn more about our Automation solutions.

Certification Testing

Whether you are a member that wants to verify your Brand Certification readiness with automated pretesting, or you are a Payment brand or network in search of an efficient Self-Certification solution for your members; demand speed, accuracy, security, centralized test data, and granular user control.  

Learn more about our Certification solutions.

Performance Testing

Push your systems to the limit while throttling your communications bandwidth so you can resolve any issues that could potentially result in system failure. But discovering system weaknesses isn’t your ultimate goal during performance testing; you want to fine-tune your system to ensure the best possible customer experience regardless of the stresses your system is under.

Learn more about our Performance solutions.

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