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For more than 15 years, RealVNC has been providing remote access software for a wide range of industries. As the original developer of remote access technology, our VNC Connect software is a trusted solution for IT helpdesk professionals around the world and our VNC SDK enables the OEM integration of remote access for everything from set-top boxes to medical devices and industrial vehicles. The integration of our remote access software into Smart ATMs delivers compelling benefits that include improved customer satisfaction, more efficient service and maintenance, and reduced cost for operating system upgrades and support.

RealVNC Ltd

RealVNC Ltd.
Betjeman House
104 Hills Road, Cambridge
CB2 1LQ, United Kingdom
Office: +44 1223 310 400

Matt Grant
Business Director
+44 07866 128 502

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Products & Services

Real-time remote access software for smarter ATMs

RealVNC’s remote access software is a trusted solution for the ATM industry. Financial institutions and technology providers rely on our software to support their branch transformation strategies by creating Smarter ATMs. Using the VNC SDK, remote access capabilities can be directly integrated into your ATM’s maintenance and customer support environments. This provides reliable, responsive and secure connectivity to ATMs, reducing the cost of maintenance and improving customer service.


  • Secure, centralized operating system upgrades
  • Efficient, remote ATM maintenance and management
  • Real-time, engaging customer support


  • Reduced on-site service calls
  • Increased on-site service efficiency
  • Improved ATM uptime
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Support for PCI DSS compliance

Learn more about RealVNC software for the financial services industry


The VNC SDK is part of our VNC Developer offering for OEM partners. The VNC SDK is used to tightly integrate remote access capabilities into the Smart ATM interfaces for maintenance, support and customer transactions. The VNC SDK is an ideal choice for financial institutions and service providers focused on mitigating security risks, improving uptime, reducing support costs and enhancing the experience of their customers. The addition of real-time remote access and control capabilities to your ATM estate management strategy creates a step-change in ATM control and business efficiency.

Learn more about the features of the VNC SDK

Learn more about VNC SDK licensing for OEM partners

Download a free trial of the VNC SDK

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Published Wednesday, August 29, 2018

RealVNC launches new service desk initiative

Published Tuesday, May 22, 2018

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