Transaction Analysts India Pvt Ltd

Transaction Analysts (India) Private Limited (TA) is a Fintech Company specializing in Products and Services in all areas of Payment Systems. We started operations in 2011 and are an RBI licensed Payment Systems Operator with proven knowledge in the payments domain.

We offer streamlined payment processing solutions to help you increase sales opportunities while reducing your operational burdens and enhancing your day-to-day efficiencies. With our experience and customized solutions our consultants are ready to assist you in finding the best payment solution or multiple solutions with the greatest overall potential to fit your needs.

With an unbeatable service and best-in-class technology that spurs business growth we provide you a  “Transaction Assured” guarantee—be it ATM, POS, Mobile, smart cards etc. We have successfully delivered prestigious projects to all types of organizations, from retailers to some of the world's largest banks and payment processing organizations. Our unique feature is the ability to customize the solution as per individual requirement looking at the complexity and dynamic features of today’s payment environment. Our strength lies in our team, which also includes our channel partners and customers.

Our Corporate Office & Development Center is in Bangalore, India where we also have a Data Center to provide a secure data warehouse for customers. We have been a consistently profit making company with a large team of associates and are serving 50+ Customers with more than 7 million transactions per month.

We are working very closely with National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), Institute for Development of Research in Banking Technology (IDRBT) under Reserve Bank of India, and all the leading banks of India for payment related process improvements and new initiatives in payment technologies. We are also working with Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) in providing Aadhaar based services to Government and Private Agencies in India. We hold Product IP and Licenses for Mobile Wallet, Aadhaar Authentication & e-KYC services and Domestic Money Transfer (IMPS). Besides this, we also provide Audit and Certification services and ATM Monitoring, Asset Management & Fault Tracking services for financial institutions.

Transaction Analysts India Pvt Ltd

Transaction Analysts India Pvt. Ltd                         

#4, Satyam Arcade 1st Floor, 1st Phase
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Bangalore – 560076, India

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Products & Services

Digital Wallet

Digital Wallet

The TA Digital Wallet is an android based app, which can be downloaded from the Google play store. It can also be made available as a link in the customer web portal.

In line with the vision of the Reserve Bank of India “To proactively encourage electronic payment systems for ushering in a less-cash society in India”, it ensures cashless payment system which will provide immense benefits to all stakeholders.

The digital wallet platform is built as per RBI’s norms under Payments and Settlements Act and has modules to provide multiple functions of the wallet service. The platform can facilitate transactions from smart cards or a mobile application. All the wallet holders are provided virtual account numbers which are linked to the Escrow Account. This facility reduces the burden of maintaining Savings Accounts significantly.

The users can use the wallet for making various types of payments e.g. utility bill payments, landline / mobile payments for various service providers, Mobile/ DTH recharges, Gas /Electricity / Insurance payments, Bus Tickets booking and so on. The wallet can also be used for making payments at various locations of digital partners who are enrolled with TA. The Immediate Payment Service (IMPS) feature enables remittance related transactions to be done 24x7.

We provide for end to end management of the platform and all the backend services which are essentially required to run the Digital Wallet Platform. Some of the key features include efficient alert mechanisms viz. email and SMS alerts, role based wallets (Customer / Agent / Merchant), extensive reporting and ease of Installation, Operation and Configuration. As a security mechanism, data is encrypted at all levels to ensure protection against hacking.

Aadhaar Platform Services

Aadhaar Platform

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAl) has been created, with the mandate of providing a unique identity (Aadhaar) number to all residents of India and also defining usages and applicability of Aadhaar for delivery of various services. Towards Aadhaar-enabling delivery of various services, UIDAI provides online authentication using demographic and biometric data.

TA, being an Aadhaar Authentication User Agency (AUA) and Know Your Customer User Agency (KUA) for UIDAI shall ensure provision of effective Aadhaar related services to the customer. The Aadhaar services covers Aadhaar Authentication services and Aadhaar e-KYC services.

User Authentication can be carried out in either one of the three ways, namely

  • Demographic Authentication
  • Biometric Authentication
  • OTP (Pin based) Authentication

A combination of the above may also be used for User Authentication. Biometric authentication covers Iris scanning or Fingerprint scanning. There are multiple STQC certified tablet makes for whom the application has been integrated to provide Aadhaar authentication.

TA, as an authorized AUA service provider has its server deployed in a secure datacenter. We take care of the backend server infrastructure, connectivity to NPCI and Aadhaar, security of the server, updates to the server code based on the latest advisory from UIDAI and providing the backend reports.

The complete application for User Authentication and e-KYC services can be provided from the TA Aadhaar platform on the web. This may be used by the customer for availing the Aadhaar related services.

Smart cards

Smart cards

Smart cards improve the convenience and security of any transaction. They provide tamper-proof storage of user and account identity. Smart card systems have proven to be more reliable than other machine-readable cards, like magnetic stripe and barcode, with many studies showing card read life and reader life improvements demonstrating much lower cost of system maintenance. Smart cards also provide vital components of system security for the exchange of data throughout virtually any type of network. They protect against a full range of security threats, from careless storage of user passwords to sophisticated system hacks. The costs to manage password resets for an organization or enterprise are very high, thus making smart cards a cost-effective solution in these environments.

Multifunction cards can also be used to manage network system access and store value and other data. Worldwide, people are now using smart cards for a wide variety of daily tasks, which include: Enterprise ID, banking payment system, Government services like PDS, Land record, Driving License, Health record, Ticketing, Toll, Identity and Attendance.

TA has several years of experience in providing end to end smart card solution which includes, business applications utilizing the power of smart card, smart card based infrastructure and services related to card technology like card issuance and personalization, terminal side application development and support, running the entire setup in outsourcing mode.

The smart card based access application provides user authentication through Online transactions, Offline transactions and Biometric check. The cards can be validated on the POS machine and a photograph of the authenticated user along with a green signal is displayed to confirm user authenticity against the master user database. Unauthenticated users are rejected with a red signal.

TA provides end to end solution in the smart card space across verticals like:

  • Banking - Prepaid closed user card C3, EMV /Rupay card issuance
  • Education: Multipurpose students card for identity, attendance, library access and campus payments
  • Health care: Patient health record and payment
  • Transport: Ticketing system
  • Building Complexes : Gate entry, access to clubhouse, swimming pool, gymnasium etc.

Audit, Certification & Subscription Services

Audit, Certification & Subscription Services

We provide an entire gamut of audit services for the payment infrastructure of a Bank or financial institution with precise recommendations for improvement in the overall efficiency of the system. This helps in plugging leakages and ensures better cost control.

Portfolio analysis for payment systems transactions on ATM & POS with definite emphasis on profitable and non profitable units, revenue leakage checks and recommendation to improve overall efficiency forms part of the consulting services provided by our industry certified SMEs.

TA is an authorized certification agency for NPCI and LTS/TVS for Indian Banks. We also provide Visa, MasterCard & Rupay certification.

PCI-DSS and Information Systems (IS) audit services are part of the armory of services provided by us. Some other services provided by us include:

  • ATM transaction processing auditing services
  • Consultancy on Risk Management for Payment systems
  • Fraud Control Consulting
  • Switch Transaction Processing Auditing Services
  • White label ATM End to End Certification
  • RBI Compliance Audit of Delivery Channels
  • Aadhaar AEPS Certification
  • IMPS Certification

Subscriptions generally range from 10 – 40 hrs per week for expert support, answers, assistance via phone and web-conference. Support for payment system was never so accessible. Clients have used the subscription services to help merchants, POS processing questions, analysis of VISA mandates, reviewing vendor RFP’s, PCI compliance issues, Triple DES and Tandem(HP Non-stop training) to name a few.

SST Solutions – End to End

SST Solutions – End to End

The SST Industry is continuing to expand year on year. TA, a solutions engineering Fintech company has an advantage to having an insight both from IT and Business perspective for various SST related solutions. The SST arena covers all types of machines like ATM, CDM, CQM, MFK etc.

The solutions provided cover the following:

Transaction Analyzer application is used to monitor transaction approvals, denials, reversals and reasons to the same. It helps understand your customer by gathering records of each ATM transaction and thoroughly analyze response times, approval rates, TPS and key attributes.

ATM related Fault Tracking and Incident Management services are also provided. This includes helpdesk management, configuring different services for different vendors like Cash Services, FLM services, SLM services, housekeeping services etc. It also entails defining / configuring vendor SLA and penalty rules as applicable to the Financial Institution. Incident categorization based on severity and auto assignment to defined service provider (as per rules defined) including auto mails upon incident occurrence, SLA breach, incident closure, ensures that manual intervention is reduced to the bare minimum. Asset Management and Asset Tracking services are also part of our portfolio.

Calculation of actual SST Availability based on actual hours of operations, vendor hours of operation and tracking faults resulting in SST downtime are also part of the services offered. Availability reporting at different levels is supported (e.g. based on fault category, vendors, regions and machine type)

The application provides a real-time ATM state and transaction information and ensures fast & accurate root-cause analysis.

Policy based Transaction Surveillance (Fraud detection) services are also provided with standard algorithms or customizable as per bank specific rules.

The application provides a Single Glass approach to manage small to large size business environment
KPI’s & KBI’s can be set as per business requirement. Real-time intelligent Alerts can be defined via email and SMS as per user-configurable rules.

This solution is used by global banks and financial institutions worldwide to manage their ATMs and other Self Service Terminals effectively and efficiently.

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