WorldPay is the largest off premise ATM processor in the US, processing over 89,000 ATMs. Direct connections to ATM networks nationwide translate into more interchange and faster transactions. Our fully redundant and mirrored data centers help ensure higher and more consistent uptimes (99.999% last two years), WorldPay has no scheduled outages for system updates.  WorldPay’s IT protocols reduce communication errors and lead to more completed transactions. WorldPay was a pioneer in the development of the Retail ATMs market, working with Triton to develop the Triton Standard emulation in the mid 1990’s.



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Products & Services

Processing Technology

WorldPay has multiple communication options and maintains its own proprietary communications network.  WorldPay maintains a fully in-sourced architecture for processing all credit and debit card transactions.  That architecture consists of dual data centers in Atlanta and Philadelphia.  Each of the data centers consists of a variety of equipment, including but not limited to all front and backend processing systems (a mix of Intel servers and Stratus V-Series mainframe computers) as well as all necessary settlement, ACH, and chargeback systems.  Each data center utilizes multiple links using multiple providers to the various transaction acquiring mechanisms (Dial, Internet, Satellite, Frame, Leased Line/T1), multiple outbound interfaces to the various card issuers (Visa, MasterCard,  American Express, Discover, JCB) and PIN debit networks, and multiple connections to banking/ACH clearing mechanisms

ATM Portal

ATM Portal is WorldPay’s internet management tool that supports over 16,000 monthly users and over 88,000 ATMs. ATM Portal gives our ATM ISO’s the ability to establish access to ATM Portal for their merchants and agents. Following are some of the available reports;

ACH Reports
Distributor and Merchant Surcharge and Settlement

Status Reports
Active Terminals,  Status Reports,  Estimated Cash Depletion Forecast

Transaction Reporting
Real-time Transactions, Daily Terminal Activity, Monthly Terminal Summary,

BIN Reports
Bin Summary Report

Online Application
Terminal Maintenance, Terminal Profile, Pending Terminal Changes, Reg E reports

Low Cash Alert System

The Low Cash Email Alert operates as a monitoring tool in regards to the amount of cash remaining in the ATM and notifies clients when the ATM cash is low.   Our system calculates the current ATM balance and sends a single email alert  to a maximum of six (6) email addresses once the ATM balance is less than each of the two (2) threshold amounts per ATM.  The fields within the email alert are Terminal ID, Merchant Location Name & Demographics, ATM Model & Software,  ATM Balance, Average Daily Disbursement, Estimated Days Remaining to Depletion, Cash Load Interval (7, 14, 21,& 28 days), and Estimated Days Remaining Per Interval. 


ATM2GO App transforms your Smartphone into a mobile ATM maintenance and management device.

MAKE CHANGES TO YOUR ATMs. Add cash loads, update bank account information, manage surcharge amounts and much more.

VIEW TRANSACTION REPORTS. Access your real time transactions, daily activity, and cash load balance

MONITOR TERMINAL STATUS. see the number of unopened status messages related to your ATMs such as no transactions, low cash alerts, out of service hardware status, maintenance hardware status, etc. 

ENHANCED SEARCH FUNCTION. Uses GPS to enable you to pinpoint and map the location of every ATM in your portfolio

Incident Monitoring System (IMS)

All ATM faults are emailed to you and/or are shown on our ATM Portal website. Faults include soft faults, hard faults, and no transaction activity as defined by the customer, (i.e., “After 11 hours of no transactions, send me a no transaction alarm.”). We also have an automated response system that will alert you of any debit network outages or communications outages between WorldPay and any network connections.

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