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The industry’s only, on-line training provides on-going, certified education and training on a global level while adhering to all industry best practices. It is vital for all ATM Operators (including contracts with other ISO businesses that report to you) are adequately trained and certified in their position to handle the constant changes, demands and liability to your company.

Overview of Courses

  • ATM Operators' Training
    This is the industry’s only, on-line, job-specific, certified education and training for ATM Operators. Content is based on extensive research into the operating practices and procedures of ATM businesses worldwide. This intensive training covers the scope of what ATM Operators need to know to efficiently conduct their job based on international best practices.
  • ATM Security Training
    Through our ATM Security course, ATMIA has developed training that describes the most common security threats to ATMs and how to identify and follow industry best practices to mitigate the risk of all of these security threats. The threats covered are: PIN compromise, card theft, card data compromise, cash trapping and transactional reversal fraud, malware & black box attacks, physical attacks and explosive attacks.
  • Added-Value ATM Services Training
    This course explores the added-value capabilities of the ATM beyond the core transactions that it has handled historically. It analyzes the comprehensive service and sales facilities that the ATM can provide for dealing with both customers and third party users. It also highlights the principal enabling technologies and the ways in which the ATM interacts with other channels.

On-line Learning

The ATMIA Academy uses a click and learn approach which is easy to navigate. You will click and learn at your own pace in your own time.  The courses, divided into short sessions for added flexibility, are designed to be interactive and highly informative.

Assessments are “open book” style tests which allow you to click back to review the session. Based on the open book test, the pass mark for each session is 100%.


Once you successfully complete all the sessions in a course, you will receive a certificate of completion for the course.

This certification will increase the credibility, visibility and professionalism of the industry. In our competitive market, it’s important for professionals to showcase their knowledge.


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