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White Papers

Banknote Disinfection Cabinet

Author(s): Cashway Fintech Co., Ltd
Publication date: May 18, 2020

What can it do?  Cash disinfection.

Application?   Banks & Supermarket.

Problem Solving? Reduce the disinfection risk.


Certificates: CE+ RoHS+ SGS + WS628 and other National healthy certificates

Basic features:

  • UV and ozone sterilization;
  • Ultraviolet intensity GB19258
  • Thicken stainless plate
  • Volume=30L/60L/80L/150L/500L/1000L


  • 360° detoxification coverage for thoroughly clearance of all cashes.
  • The disinfection system is equipped with UV lamp, which can destroy bacteria’s DNA structure within short time.
  • The disinfection is in high efficiency, reduces bacteria on the surface of cash by 99.99%.
  • There will be enough time (0-60min) for full sterilization.
  • Customization: besides the normal volumes, we can also make customized design on bigger volume based on actual demand.

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