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Author(s): Paragon Application Systems
Publication date: January 22, 2018

Though many have predicted the advent of a cashless society, veterans of the financial services industry doubt that such a vision will become a reality any time soon. While it is true that the number of new ways to pay is increasing, the use of cash remains a preference for many consumers around the world.


For years, rumors that proclaim the pending extinction of cash have circulated.  However, US Federal Reserve data shows that the number of ATM withdrawals has remained stable, while the average size of those withdrawals has increased. In some markets, the use of cash and the number of ATMs continues to grow.  Viewed in combination with the ongoing adoption of cash back debit transactions at the point of sale, it would seem the appetite for cash remains strong.


This whitepaper from Paragon looks at the opportunity to reduce cost, improve quality, reduce risk and speed time to market for organizations ready to adopt next gen payments testing strategies for their ATM channel.

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