Building Your Brand $20 At A Time: The ATM as Brand Ambassador and Service Destination
White Papers
White Papers

Building Your Brand $20 At A Time: The ATM as Brand Ambassador and Service Destination

Published By: Cardtronics
Publication date: August 2, 2021

Whether your institution is a top 10 bank, a local credit union, or a neo bank without branches, these truths are certain – consumers cannot choose an institution they aren’t aware of and they will not choose an institution that provides insufficient access to their cash. The fact that the ATM can satisfy both these needs makes your ATM reach and distribution strategy critically important to your account holders and to you. The desire for cash access elevates the importance of the ATM in consumers’ choice for a primary banking account, making a highly visible ATM not only valuable as a cash access point, but also a brand awareness asset. A well-dressed ATM acts as a billboard for financial institutions, raising brand awareness while showcasing a key benefit to prospective customers. Continual visibility of a bank or credit union’s brand helps ensure it is top of mind when consumers choose a new banking relationship. Download the white paper, Building Your Brand $20 at a Time, to learn more about the numerous benefits for financial institutions that deploy offsite retail ATM branding as part of their ATM channel strategy.

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