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Could your bank cashier soon be replaced by chatbots?

Author(s): Auriga
Publication date: June 19, 2017

The banking software company Auriga has published an article exploring the evolution of customer service technology and how AI systems are changing the way that banks provide customer service now and in the future. 50 years ago the first ATM marked a fundamental shift in the banking sector, and chatbots are a continuation of this automated trend.


As well as looking at the impact that AI systems have already had, the article examines what further work is needed if these systems are to truly revolutionise the bank-client relationship and add value for both parties.


Although banks will undoubtedly face some teething issues along the way, the trend towards AI in banking suggests that it will be instrumental in delivering a smarter and more personalised service to clients. The key will be listening to customers to understand what balance they want between AI and staff interaction.


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